Monthly Archives: November 2008



My name is Eric Van Dril, and I’m the Administrator/Editor of To The Tin.  Also joining in the fun will be Elliott Pohnl, who’s also an editor.  We met at the University of Iowa through a little place we like to call T-Spoons, whose chili gave me diarrhea a week ago.

More personal details will surely come at a later date. 

We’re going to try some new things on this site, which may be genius or a Hiroshima-esque disaster. 

You’ll know them when you see them.  Hopefully these go well and we provide the world with a new, more interesting way to watch basketball games.  We’ll see though.

What I hope this blog provides is simple.  I’d like for To The Tin to provide serious NBA coverage about the games themselves mixed with coverage about the NBA “package” (commercials, announcers, etc.).  After all, an NBA blog wouldn’t be complete without a certain black man’s f–ked up organ…

The problem with this blog, however, is that we can’t provide the in-depth coverage that many other sites do because we have lives and other things to do.  Well, one of us does.  That’s soon to change, though.

With that being said, thanks for caring enough to view this page, and we hope you enjoy the stuff we write.  Most of all, we hope you enjoy the NBA, because we firmly believe it’s the best league in the country.

Eric, TTT Editor