Boston Celtics are in trouble – kind of

A loss to the Knicks last night confirms what everyone knew all along.

The Celtics aren’t going to break the Bulls’ record of 72-10. They will likely struggle to win 65 games, given the way they’ve stayed healthy so far this season.

But that’s OK, because the only thing that matters in the NBA is the playoffs. PLAYOFFS?

Yeah, the playoffs.

And the Celtics have proven that they are built for the post-season by winning the title last season, despite the crunch-time struggles of Kevin Garnett.

As we progress this season on this blog, we’re going to talk a lot about the NBA Finals and who will get there. This carries over to everything – injuries, benchings, coaching changes, trades, etc. The thing to take away from Boston’s loss to the Knicks is that Rajon Rando is prone to very bad games. Because of this, the Cavs are arguably the strongest team in the Eastern Conference.

You see, Cleveland now has a quality point guard of its own in Mo Williams. If Williams gets into foul trouble, as many point guards do, the Cavs can spell him with Delonte West – a very solid player. The Celtics don’t have a solid backup point guard at this time, and that’s an issue that could spell doom in the playoffs.

The question looms over Boston like those spaceships over the White House in Independence Day.

Should the Celtics sign Stephon Marbury?

I say yes, they should, because they were dangerously close to losing to both the Hawks and Cavs last season in the playoffs. And this year – with both of those teams getting stronger and Dwight Howard looking unstoppable with Turkoglu, Nelson and Lewis consistently knocking down 3s – the Celtics will have to go through a much tougher test to get to the NBA finals.

To actually win in the finals, they could very well face the Lakers again. And you know who’s back? Andrew Bynum – a player they will likely have trouble matching up against.

So, do it Danny Ainge. Acquire Stephon.

It’s the best chance you have at repeating. That, and praying for LeBron to break his leg.


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