The Mysterious Case of the Long Sleeved Tony Crocker

Earlier this season, I was watching Oklahoma play Davidson and I noticed that an Oklahoma player appeared to be wearing long sleeves. I couldn’t believe my eyes; maybe it was a t-shirt with a double shooter-sleeve look. But upon further review, my initial diagnosis proved to be correct. The dude was wearing long sleeves.

I remember when Cincinnati guard Tony Bobbitt debuted the shooter sleeve. I wanted one, thinking that it would really help keep my shooting arm warm. Maybe the shooter sleeve would prove to be my ticket to stardom and a college scholarship. When my beloved A.I. started wearing a sleeve on his right arm, I really wanted one. I wrote “Under Armor Shooter Sleeve” on my Christmas wish list and circled it multiple times for good measure.

Sadly, I never got a shooter sleeve and also never got that coveted scholarship to play college basketball.

And then came the NBA men in tights. I believe that Ray Allen started this fad to keep his lower body warm in the always drafty Key Arena in Seattle. Kobe hates Ray Ray, but he loved rocking the tights during games.

Soon the NBA uniform police took a stand and made it illegal to wear tights. The NBA has the right idea; no tights, no t-shirts, and certainly no long sleeves.

But since I wasn’t in the NBA, I had the right to wear tights to help stay warm while waiting to play pick-up games. I looked into purchasing some tights but was shocked at how expensive they were; 45 dollars. Another one of my dreams was dead.

Although my inability to acquire the latest fashion trends in basketball really hurt at the time, as I got older I started to realize that these adornments were merely a silly fashion statement. It served no purpose whatsoever. The only valid reason to wear a shooter sleeve is if you want to look cool. Come to think of it, that isn’t a valid reason at all.

Will Tony Crocker start a hot new fashion trend in basketball?  I hope not.

Will Tony Crocker start a hot new fashion trend in basketball? I hope not.

Oklahoma G/F Tony Crocker decided to wear long sleeves prior to the start of this season, apparently because he has a difficult time staying warm during games. At least that is what he says inspired the new look.

Seriously Tony?

I’m not even going to begin to point out the absurdities of Crocker’s reasoning behind the long sleeves because they are so so so obvious.

Basketball is an indoor sport played in heated arenas. That is all that needs to be said about this subject.

I wonder what the next hot new fashion trend in basketball will be? There really isn’t that much left to discover, but maybe a hooded sweatshirt worn underneath his jersey would help keep Crocker warm. Or he could borrow a hand warmer from the Sooner football team. He could kick it Woody Harrelson style and rock the cutoff sweatshirt.

I just hope that Tony can overcome the terrible “condition” that he is afflicted with and stay warm and toasty in his long sleeves.


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