Rumor: Rockets, Lakers, Bucks 3-Way Deal; Josh Howard to Toronto

If you believe half of the NBA trade rumors, then there seems to be multiple trades close to being completed.

Larry Hughes is about to be traded to both the Wizards and Nets. The Cavs are about to get Mike Conley Jr. And much, much more.

Oh, and Allen Iverson could be traded (Tayshaun for Capt. Jack too). There’s no one with half a brain who believes this, but people need page views, so they make things up.

Two trade rumors have caught my eye, though.

The first is a three-way deal involving the Rockets, Lakers and Bucks. There are many variations of the deal, but the basics are this, via Hoopsworld

Luther Head and Carl Landry from Houston, Chris Mihm heads out of LA and Tyronn Lue and Charlie Villanueva depart Milwaukee. There are several versions of this out there, with multiple papers now reporting it on their websites.

But here’s the thing: The Rockets aren’t going to move Landry, because he’s a solid player who provides Houston with insurance for Yao, Luis Scola, Ron Artest and Tracy McGrady. The Lakers don’t want Tyronn Lue to steal minutes from Jordan Farmar when he returns. And the Bucks would be insane to trade Villanueva, because he’s been so good of late.

This trade simply won’t happen.

Another more interesting trade is reportedly brewing between the Raptors and Mavericks

A deal being discussed would send troubled forward Josh Howard to the Raptors in a deal that would land Andrea Bargnani and Anthony Parker in Dallas, with a combination that could involve DeSagana Diop or Antoine Wright heading back to Toronto.

It’s obvious that the Raptors need a small forward, and the Mavs could use a bigger PF/C type to launch threes in their offense. But Bargnani has, like Villanueva, been so good of late, that the Raptors can’t possibly trade him away for an older player like Howard.

This deal, even though it seems like it would be an interesting thing for NBA site like this to discuss for a few days, isn’t going to happen. The Raptors won’t part with their #1 pick’s potential, and Howard is damaged goods at this point.

So, with all of these rumors, it appears like the only one that will happen is Larry Hughes to, well, somewhere.

I’m sorry.


2 responses to “Rumor: Rockets, Lakers, Bucks 3-Way Deal; Josh Howard to Toronto

  1. Diop already got traded to Charlotte.

  2. @yardbird

    Yeah, I thought that was weird in the article. But hey, whatever, I guess.

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