A Very Special Jan. 27 Wake-Up Call

First off, happy 26th birthday to Elliott.  To celebrate he made a sort-of request for a picture.  I couldn’t find a good pic of Kate Winslet at the SAG award (by good, I mean a close-up on her boobs), so we added Frida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire. Any complaints?

– Who are Australia’s best players ever?

– Tom Brokaw mistakes Barack Obama’s personal assistant Reggie Love for brother-in-law/Oregon State coach Craig Robinson at the inauguration.

– Mark Gottfried out at Alabama.  Who will replace him?

– Steve Nash is the best Suns player in history of the franchise? OK.

– I love when athletes beat up the paparazzi.  This time it was allegedly Beckham.

– The Cavs see Slumdog Millionaire.

– Mrs Marko Jaric lands another cover.

– Mike Conley’s going to get full-reigns on the Grizzlies offense.

– Darrell Armstrong is going to coach now.

– DeAndre Jordan is the future of the Clippers, like it or not.


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