Feb. 3 Wake-Up Call

Because the NBA is a sweaty, masculine place, let’s inject some estrogen into the equation. This is Nicole Scherzinger – the only Pussycat Girl Doll that matters. And by matters, I mean the only one that actually sings in the group. Nicole is banging, that’s clear. What’s not is if her breasts are real. If I hear anything, you all will be the first to know.

While you stare at Nicole’s ears, eat your Corn Pops and ponder the questions of the world – This morning’s quagmire: Can you become impotent because of severe cold on your junk? – enjoy the following links…

– Pretty good headline about Kendrick Perkins being dead because of Andrew Bynum’s knee injury.

– Oprah gives $500,000 to St. Benedicts Prep.

– Kobe and LeBron named Players of the Month.

– Free Darko makes it.

– Racial slur figures to factor in with Jayson Williams’ re-trial.

– My CBA fantasy league is going to end prematurely because the league is shutting things down early.

– Cavs sign Trey Johnson.

– Magic looking at acquiring a point guard.

– What will the Lakers do now that Bynum is out?

Little man falls down in New Jersey, the team then laughs at him.

– DeShawn Stevenson’s back injury flared up again.

– Chris Bosh says that he’s staying in Toronto.


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