Feb. 6 Link Dump



Because the NBA is a sweaty, masculine place, let’s inject some estrogen into the equation. This is Paris Hilton and Fergie with their wee friend. Even his drink is miniature.

(By the way, what is wrong with Fergie’s ass? Does she have diapers on to make sure this doesn’t happen again?)

While you stare at Paris’s stoned expression, eat your Frosted Flakes and ponder the questions of the world – This morning’s quagmire: If I don’t wash my hair, will it smell? More importantly, will it look cooler?- enjoy the following links…

How about LaMarcus Aldridge for Amare Stoudemire? Sounds terrible to me (the Bulls should get STAT).

– Ball Don’t Lie 2-on-2 tourny. I’m down.

– Ok. Here’s what everyone who knows Elliott needs to do. Call him right now (as you read this), and ask him “Where the F*CK is your Big-10 round-up, asshat?” Do it. Please?

– Yeah, yeah. No Elton Brand is good for Philly. Whatever. This subject is tired. Let’s let Elton rest for a little while.

– Ray Allen gets the All-Star nod in place of Jameer Nelson.

– Apparently we’re not supposed to compare Rodney Stuckey to Dwyane Wade. Who started those comparisons? Oh wait, it was draftexpress.com.

– Baron Davis hangs out with Jon Lovitz.

– Chris Bosh is going to be out Friday night. Me too.

– “Tony and Eva Eat Out A Lot

– Cool synergy between a Celtics and Lakers blog. Which reminds me: Yardbird. If you’re reading, we need to hook up on something. Leave a comment and we’ll get down to business.

– I agree. What’s going on with the Chicago Bulls?

– Bonzi Wells is out of China, but with his (excessive) weight and China’s air pollution, it’s clear his lungs will never recover.

Expect another round-up later today.


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