Feb. 9 Link Dump

Pic via HitsUSA.com

Pic via HitsUSA.com

Because the NBA is a sweaty, masculine place, let’s inject some estrogen into the equation. This is Olga Kurylenko, who’s a Bond girl. I might have posted this picture before, but who cares? You know? My only problem with Ms. Kurylenko is the first name. Can’t she be like the Chinese girls with the first name of “Xin” and just pick a random American girl name. How about Sydney? Sydney Kurylenko. I like that.

While you stare at Sydney’s ears, eat your steak and eggs and ponder the questions of the world – This morning’s quagmire: Is eating a whole pizza, two Italian sausages and an entire box of mac and cheese in the span of seven hours considered binge eating? If so, how many years did I lose by doing this? – enjoy the following links…

– What each team should do before the trade deadline.

– It looks like the Warriors are hot after Amare Stoudemire.

– Speaking of STAT, here’s a blog post in defense of Amare Stoudemire.

– Did the worst Raptors loss ever happen this weekend?

– A coach reviews Kobe.

– More on this later, but the Adam Morrison to the Lakers trade isn’t about Adam Morrison.

– Ball Don’t Lie gets into their 2-on-2 tournament. I must admit; I kind of love this idea.

– Spurs are allegedly interested in getting Vince Carter. Sure.

– Bulls to honor Johnny “Red” Kerr Tuesday night against the Pistons. When I first saw that they were going to honor him, I thought Johnny Red died, and I was sad. But he’s alive, and The Lonely Island’s album also drops on Feb. 10. Go to YouTube right now and listen to “Boombox.” It should be the next Digital Short. I hope.

– Lakers are the favorites, according to SI.com. That’s what everyone said before they were crushed by the Celtics in the Finals. Remember?


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