Carl Landry Talks About Getting Shot

15 months after Darrent Williams was shot and killed in Denver, it’s pretty safe to say that Carl Landry is lucky to be alive.

He thinks the same thing.  Here’s an excerpt from a radio interview Landry did yesterday.

On what happened after his car was hit twice:

“I knew something was going on like they were looking for somebody.  Both of the guys got out of the car, I tried to plead my case saying that I’m not the guy they were looking for, but immediately they started shooting.  Two shots were fired and the second shot hit me in the left calf.”

On how he’s dealing with what happened:

“It’s tough, I’m always sweating and thinking about it all day, everyday.  It’s alright, I’m blessed to be here.  Things like that, people don’t survive getting shot at some times and I”m blessed to be here.  Life just has to go on.”


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