Memphis survives a big scare from Cal St. Northridge

Anderson & Memphis survived a scare in the first round.

Anderson & Memphis survived a scare in the first round.

It’s safe to say that two-seed Memphis would have been upset had it not been for Roburt Sallie’s heroics.

Sallie, who came into Thursday’s first round matchup against Cal St. Northridge averaging four points per game, hit 10 3-pointers and exploded for a Memphis NCAA tournament record 35 points.

Memphis rallied past Cal St. Northridge and held on to win 81-70 Thursday morning in Kansas City.

The Matadors led early and hung around until taking a lead with just over 10 minutes remaining. The lead grew to five, but Cal St. Northridge appeared to tire in the closing minutes.

The atmosphere during the second half in Kansas City was absolutely electric, as Cal St. Northridge ran it right back at Memphis and scored repeatedly in transition.

I don’t expect Memphis to have a easy road to the Final Four. The Tigers haven’t played top competition since early February and looked sluggish until the final 10 minutes.

It looks even worse for Memphis when you consider Cal St. Northridge played without two top players.

Don’t be shocked to see the Tigers lose in the next round.

Stay tuned.


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