First Half Reaction: Michigan St. vs. UConn

Adrien was throwin' 'bows as usual during the first half against MSU.

Adrien was throwin' 'bows as usual during the first half against MSU.

Michigan St. leads UConn 38-36 at the half.  With halftime likely to last about 56 minutes, there is plenty of time for analysis.

Here are some thoughts on the first half:

Korie Lucious has been the difference – The freshman has scored 11 points and given MSU a big spark off the bench. I’ve never seen him play this well, he is usually out of control and shoots too much. Tom Izzo raves about him, and I finally see why.

A.J. Price is rammy – I love Price, but he is forcing things. MSU is jumping him on the high-screen at the top of the key and forcing him to drive into the lane. He needs to settle down and run the team instead of looking to score.

No celebrity citings yet – I tuned in just prior to tip-off, but I haven’t seen Kid Rock yet. He usually attends sporting events in Detroit, so I’m surprised by his absence. Maybe he is working on a new album.

Stop showing Magic – Did you know that Magic Johnson is at the game? Enough cut shots to Magic already CBS. I mean really now, come on.

The elevated court is stupid – Someday, someone is really going to get hurt. I can see a player flying off the court and blasting into press row, or simply blowing out a knee while trying to land. Not a good idea NCAA.

Raymar Morgan playing well – I haven’t seen Ray Ray play this well in a long time. His versatility really helps MSU, but Stanley Robinson could shut him down in the second half.

Jim Nantz slips up – kind of – While documenting Hasheem Thabeet’s family history, Nantz said Thabeet’s father passed away when he was 15 – then promptly stated he is “tickled to death” to have his mother in attendance. I didn’t offend me, but someone will probably get upset.

Nantz and Kellogg bore me – Early in the tournament, I commentated how much I was enjoying Kellogg instead of Billy Packer. I still like Kellogg, but an original thought wouldn’t hurt. Nantz’s delivery reminds me of Joe Buck, which isn’t a good thing.

Second half keys – Here we go. I like UConn to win if the Huskies keep going inside. Goran Suton needs to step up, because Morgan and Lucious will probably fade. It should be a great game.


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