Live blogging the national championship game

All eyes are on the beautiful city of Detroit tonight.

All eyes are on the beautiful city of Detroit tonight...I think this picture is fake, Detroit doesn't actually look like this, does it?

My beautiful girlfriend isn’t here to listen to me yell at the television, not that she would understand anyway, so I have decided to live blog tonight’s National Championship game. I will share my thoughts, observations, and probably do a fair amount of bitching.

As always, comments are welcome and strongly appreciated, even if the comments highlight my dumbassness.

Here we go…Sit back, and strap it down.

8:15 CST: MSU is already on the floor, and clearly has about 60,000 fans at the game. Noise will be a factor. As UNC takes the court, Seth Davis says is comes down to three d’s: Defense, Depth, and Destiny. We shall see.

8:17: I’m attacking this Smirnoff Mango cooler and ready for the game to begin. I always get goosebumps before the start of big games, until I hear Jim Nantz start with the lineups.

8:20: That intro is stupid, too over the top. I’m no longer excited. Michigan State being introduced.

8:21: I think Travis Walton just said “kick these ni****.” Thanks to TiVo, I can check…Yes, he did. Nice job CBS.

8:22: Danny Green is only 6’6″? I thought he was taller.

8:23: This will be Tyler Hansbrough’s final college game. Can the same be said for Ty Lawson and Wayne Ellington?

8:24: I need a report from Tracy Wolfson. She looks like a doll tonight.

8:24: Jim Nantz and Clark Kellogg will take it from here – let the awkwardness begin.

8:24: Larry Bird and Magic present the game ball. Both teams take the court.

8:25: The flash bulbs pop, jump ball off the jump ball. Off to a bad start.

8:26: UNC wins the tip, Kalin Lucas guards Ty Lawson.

8:26: UNC takes a 2-0 lead. It’s so over.

8:27: Goran Suton cashes a three with Hansbrough in his face.

8:28: Danny Green shoots weird, but answers with a three of his own.

8:28: With 18 minutes remaining in the first half, Izzo substitutes Durrell Summers for Raymar Morgan – Summers is way better.

8:29: Izzo substituting liberally early.

8:29: Tyler Hansbrough takes off too far away trying to dunk, but draws a foul.

8:29: Near air-ball by Travis Walton. Every shot he takes looks like it will be an air-ball, but he has been shooting well in the tourney.

8:30: Goran Suton with an air ball.

8:30: UNC leads 10-5, MSU with three turnovers.

8:30: Both teams substitute, UNC leads by seven.

8:32: 17-7 UNC, Suton travels, the first of many media timeouts. UNC looks real sharp early.

8:33: GM commercial designed to boost consumer confidence comes on. My confidence is not boosted. My girlfriend almost took a job with GM in Detroit…I’m glad she didn’t. But I guess I could have gone to the game tonight! Or not.

8:35: The Mentalist looks like it sucks, I would rather watch Numb3rs.

8:36: Play resumes, foul on Chris Allen. Bobby Frasor in for UNC.

8:37: Kalin Lucas drives and has shot blocked…the action is picking up.

8:38: Suddenly, it’s 21-7 UNC. My head is spinning.

8:38: MSU has five turnovers already, UNC is not rattled by the crowd, which is depressed again.

8:39: Goran Suton goes to the bench, looks winded.

8:40: Ford Field is full and looks really cool. Someday, I want to go to a Final Four.

8:40: Two fouls on Danny Green. No big deal. UNC leads 22-7, Durrell Summers misses first free throw.

8:41: D. Thompson scores, already has six points for UNC.

8:41: MSU looks rattled. The Spartans are a very young team, which hasn’t been mentioned much by “experts.”

8:42: Larry Drew in for UNC, promptly commits a turnover.

8:42: Korie Lucious is in for MSU. He is jittery and makes me nervous. Nearly throws the ball out of bounds.

8:42: Lucky basket by Suton, another foul on UNC. Fouls could be an issue, Green & Frasor have two apiece.

8:44: MSU can’t get to the basket. Timeout, 24-11 UNC with 11:41 remaining.

8:45: Howie Long makes me not want to by a GM product – ever.

8:45: I hate this iPhone commercial. I don’t want an “app” for anything. Living in Silicon Valley, I have to deal with Apple people everyday. It’s not that fun.

8:46: I want the Budweiser Frogs back…

8:47: Back at Ford Field, I didn’t realize MSU would have to defeat three #1 seeds to win it all. That would be impressive.

8:48: 26-11 after Lawson free throws, Kalin Lucas palms the ball, and it gets called.

8:49: Dion Thompson scores, CBS replays the play and replays the audio. Come on now.

8:49: Two fouls on Suton, MSU trails 29-11.

8:49: Marquise Gray into the game for MSU. He is good at dunking, not good at much else though.

8:50: Hansbrough throws it in, 31-11 UNC with 10:14 remaining.

8:50: “Hansbrough with a beautiful job of boxing out,” says Nantz. He promptly gets called for a loose ball foul. Kellogg explains Hansbrough committed a “lower body route canal.” Yikes.

8:50: Ed Davis makes a free throw. He tries to hide his skinniness with a t-shirt. I’m not fooled.

8:50: I haven’t seen Chris Allen make a shot since MSU played Iowa a long time ago.

8:50: I don’t think Kalin Lucas has scored yet. Raymar Morgan looks sad.

8:51: Lucas scores. I think Tom Izzo should have used some timeouts earlier, but now its too late.

8:54: Summers makes a three, Hansbrough does a tip-dunk, offensive interference, basket no good.

8:55: 36-16 UNC with 8:22 remaining.

8:55: Where is Raymar Morgan? I think MSU will make a run at some point…maybe.

8:56: UNC is killing MSU on the boards.

8:57: 38-18 UNC at the under eight timeout.

8:59: You know what MSU needs? A comeback. It’s time to put on your rally cap and dig in, IZZO!

9:00: UNC throws the ball away following the timeout. Is UNC really that much bigger than MSU? I think Kellogg is overdoing that thought.

9:01: Wayne Ellington is smooth like Boone’s Farm. Someone in my apartment complex is playing loud Indian techno music. Typical.

9:02: Raymar Morgan gets hit in the noise by Danny Green…foul on Green. Morgan’s noise is broken, that has to hurt.

9:02: Chris Allen brought in to shoot the free throw for Morgan, for some reason. He misses.

9:03: Timeout MSU after Ellington 3-pointer; 43-20 UNC.

9:06: Back from timeout; North Carolina is dominating this game, obviously.

9:07: Chris Allen should not be in the game if Izzo wants to dig in and rally.

9:08: 11 turnovers by MSU, another timeout. This is more like it. False alarm, no timeout.

9:08: Too much talk about UNC-LSU game…we all know what happened. Ellington for three, 46-22 as Chris Allen dribbles.

9:09: Korie Lucious is fearless.

9:10: Timeout, 48-25 with 3:48 remaining.

9:14: Korie Lucious hits another three, Magic Johnson looks angry.

9:15: Is this the mini-run MSU needs? Maybe. Durrell Summers misses a three, that would have been big.

9:16: Luke Zellar looks absurd. He will be the next annoying white dude on North Carolina.

9:16: Jim Nantz uses a pun: “A charge on Green, and nothing’s Green right now for Michigan State.” That’s weak sauce son.

9:17: Ty Lawson gets poked in the eye, Nantz says “oh oh.” It’s no big deal.

9:19: Lawson makes two free throws, UNC leads 51-30 with 1:30 left.

Looks like this won't be happening tonight - then again, this is what happened when Michigan State LOST to Duke in the Final Four.  Look out.

Looks like this won't be happening tonight - then again, this is what happened when Michigan State LOST to Duke in the Final Four. Look out.

9:20: Hansbrough draws another foul.

9:20: Does anyone know what the MSU students are chanting when Hansbrough shoots free throws?

9:21: Wayne Ellington gives UNC 55-32 lead, giving the Tar Heels the most points ever scored in the first half of the championship game.

9:22: 55-34 at the half, please go to Tracy Wolfson…Please!

9:22: Intermission!

9:28: Halftime show begins on CBS. How’s that prediction Seth?

9:29: Apparently, destiny ran into a buzz saw. That explains it.

9:29: Greg Anthony says he is sad for MSU. That’s interesting.

9:33: Blake Griffin is shown receiving the Naismith Award. Oh look, there are his parents.

9:34: Magic joins the halftime show on CBS, says MSU looks nervous.

9:34: Greg Anthony informs me that Magic and Larry Bird came out tonight. I had no idea, that is very interesting.

9:35: Oh sweet relief, Tracy Wolfson.

Sideline reporters like Wolfson are very valuable to broadcasts.

Sideline reporters like Wolfson are very valuable to broadcasts.

9:36: More talk about the 1979 National Championship game. Tracy is too short, I can’t see her.

9:43: Second half about ready to start. No wonder Michigan State is struggling, cause apparently it is carrying a whole state on its back…I didn’t know Ann Arbor was so desperate.

9:44: Kellogg and Nantz are so bad together; second half begins. Suton scores early.

9:46: Walton misses an easy shot, UNC leads 57-36. North Carolina doesn’t look as intense early in the second half.

9:47: Tyler Hansbrough scores, he has 13 points. His time is running out…the NBA is just around the corner.

9:48: Will Tracy Wolfson handle the interviews after the game? She might be too short.

9:48: This game could get boring. I wonder what else is on TV? I think EVD is live-blogging Man vs. Wild as we speak.

9:49: Durrell Summers will be dominant next year.

9:50: Another MSU turnover as Lucas throws the ball five feet over Summers’ head on the break.

9:51: Suton makes a three, Ty Lawson has his eighth steal of the game, which as Nantz has repeated at least 25 times, is a championship game record.

9:52: Ed Davis and 1, timeout.

9:55: Delvon Roe with an and 1, I bet he will miss free throw. He did…

9:56: Jim Nantz needs to get off the Ty Lawson steals train. Most of his steals are due to terrible passes by Michigan State. It’s impressive, but give it a rest Jimmy.

9:56: Shot of Tammy Hansbrough after a Tyler free throw. Her last name may no longer be Hansbrough, as she is divorced from Tyler’s dad. She is Tyler’s mom though, that’s for sure.

9:58: Jud Heathcote shot. He looks stoic and like he would love a cold beer. That makes two of us.

9:59: Bobby Frasor crashing the boards!

10:00: Summers scores, here comes the crowd. 62-46 UNC. Michigan State can’t get a rebound following a Thompson miss.

10:01: Danny Green for three. That was big.

10:02: Chris Allen really cannot shoot anymore. Timeout, 65-47 with 11:47 remaining.

10:05: Back from the timeout. Michigan State has a slim chance, but North Carolina will start hitting shots again soon.

10:06: Kalin Lucas dribbles the ball out of bounds. That was weird. 19 turnovers for Michigan State.

10:07: Jim Nantz needs to shut up. It would be awkward, but I think Kellogg could handle play-by-play. CBS once again replays a play while replaying the audio of the play and talking over it live. Wow.

10:07: Nantz says there is too much pressure on MSU. Ironically, the media put most of that pressure on the Spartans.

10:09: Lucas scores, UNC still leads 68-52. Draymond (yeah, that’s his name) Green is playing well in the second half.

10:10: Raymar Morgan?

10:11: MSU is out of time. Chris Allen misses again.

10:12: Kalin Lucas air-bank, Chris Allen misses again.

10:13: Why do announcers in college games always make excuses for the losing team? There is no need for it.

10:14: Under eight timeout, UNC by 19.

10:15: Live blogging is both emotionally and physically draining. I can’t wait for my girlfriend to get home, I’m getting really hungry.

10:16: Buffalo Wild Wings commercial comes on; I love Gary Thorne, but I hate B Dub’s. The food is bad and the service is worse, mainly because guys like me work there.

10:17: Back from timeout. North Carolina is 7:33 from the title game.

10:18: Hasheem Thabeet is at the game wearing some chillin’ shades next to a honey. Vince Carter and Antwan Jamison in attendance. Vince looks happy, probably because the NBA season is almost over.

10:19: Another timeout. Remember when beer commercials used to be funny?

10:22: Back from the timeout and the bathroom. Hansbrough scores, UNC leads 74-56 with 6:15 left.

10:22: Suton hits a three, timeout Michigan State.

10:22: While I was in the kitchen fetching a drink, I heard Kellogg analyze the Midwest’s weather in April. I guess he wants to show his broadcast utility.

10:23: Only six more minutes of shameless Hansbrough promotions…Nice.

10:24: Lawson scores, he hasn’t shot well but he has dominated the game. Did I mention he has eight steals?

10:25: CBS promos: NCIS. Never seen it, don’t want to. Give me Law & Order with Jerry Orbach any day. Or, I’ll take the First 48 on A&E.

10:26: Izzo inserts a white dude into the lineup (not including Suton). I don’t know this guys name.

10:26: MSU now in the double bonus, silly foul by Hansbrough. Really bad foul.

10:27: Nantz says something stupid again, repeating Kalin Lucas’ motto. Before Kalin will be Ty Lawson, he needs to play under control and work on his jumper. How’s that?

10:27: 76-63 UNC with 4:57 remaining. Korie Lucious into the game, laying on the ground, wounded.

10:29: Michigan State looks out of gas, but Kellogg says they are doing exactly what they need to do. I disagree.

10:30: 78-65, UNC is making it interesting and the crowd loves it. Just not enough time though.

10:31: Ty Lawson works his way to the basket. Kalin Lucas commits a charge, pushing off on Hansbrough.

10:31: Angry white people music takes us to commercial; timeout.

10:35: 3:46 remaining…the end is near.

10:35: That CBS show Harper’s Island looks interesting. Kind of like a souped-up Clue.

10:37: Now the North Carolina fans are making noise. Kalin Lucas has had a terrible game, but he’ll be back.

10:38: Less talking from Clark Kellogg would be a good thing at this point. Raymar Morgan fouls out, I think he only had four points.

10:38: Don’t even thinking about leaving for the NBA Raymar.

10:38: Curtain-call for Goran Suton. He had a nice career, a solid player who always tried hard.

10:39: Bobby Frasor with a breakaway…layup. I’m sure he can dunk. Seriously, he can dunk.

10:41: Clip of Obama playing hoops with UNC is shown…ballin’ in pants, I love it.

10:42: Another timeout. I don’t know what the score is.

10:43: Wayne Ellington and Ty Lawson proved to be the difference tonight, much like I suspected would happen. I bet they both leave for the NBA.

10:44: 85-68 UNC lead with 1:41. Danny Green’s career is over. He had a really nice career, and apparently he is the winningest player in the history of North Carolina basketball.

10:45: Tom Izzo emptying the bench, Ibok is in the game. He played quite a bit in the last two seasons, but not much this year. Ty Lawson is still in the game and still making free throws.

10:46: With 1:22 left, it’s time for Roy Williams to clear his bench. He isn’t doing it though.

10:47: North Carolina is your National Champion. Now, it’s over.

10:48: No more Hansbrough, it will be strange to watch Carolina without Hansbrough.

10:49: Stay classy North Carolina!!!


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