NBA draft early entries: April 9 update

Budinger & Hill have hired agents in anticpation of the NBA Draft.

Budinger & Hill have hired agents in anticpation of the NBA Draft.

Sean Miller hesitated a bit before accepting the Arizona head coaching job. Maybe that’s because he knew the cupboard would be bare going into season.

Chase Budinger announced he planned to leave school for the NBA last week, and teammates Jordan Hill and Nic Wise followed suit this week.

Hill has hired an agent, meaning he cannot return to Arizona. Wise has the option to return to Arizona, and would be advised to do so.

I love Budinger’s offensive ability. He is a good shooter, has excellent size, and tremendous athletic ability. He averaged 18 ppg and six rpg last season. has Budinger projected as the 25th pick in the draft.

Hill’s stock climbed throughout the season. He averaged 18.3 ppg and 11.1 rpg, and is projected as the third overall pick.

Wise averaged 15.7 ppg and 4.6 apg, but his lack of size will hurt his chances in the NBA.

Earl Clark

Clark announced his intentions to leave school before this season even started, but waited a bit to officially declare. I was really impressed with his improvement throughout the season. He should be a top-10 pick and a very solid NBA player.

James Johnson

The 6’9″ sophomore forward has hired an agent and figures to be a mid-first round pick. He is a physical specimen but can be inconsistent. He should be able to play either the three or the four in the NBA, but needs to improve his jump shot.

Jeff Teague

Teague was a hot prospect early in the season, but faded down the stretch. He can be electrifying, but also disappears at times. He would probably be a first round pick, but would be best served to return to Wake.

Dwayne Collins

Staying in the ACC, Miami’s Dwayne Collins declared today but will not hire an agent. He is a fantastic athlete, but probably not ready for the NBA. Collins needs to show he can do more than just dunk. After all, who doesn’t hammer on Greg Paulus?

Who’s Next?

DeMar DeRozan, Ty Lawson, and Hasheem Thabeet among others have yet to announce their intentions. Stay tuned for more updates on early entires.


3 responses to “NBA draft early entries: April 9 update

  1. Looks like a lot of talent, some should be advised to return to school, good article dude. I like Hill, he will be a decent NBA player.

  2. Its Jeff Teague…not Chris

  3. Thanks, I don’t know why I always confuse him with Chris Teague, it happens all the time, I mean like constantly…

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