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This is LeBron’s comments after Game 6 loss to Magic

LeBron is taking heat for leaving the court following the Cavs’ Game 6 loss without congratulating Dwight Howard and the Magic. Here is LeBron on that subject and what the future holds for him in Cleveland.

Notice LBJ is wearing a Yankee hat – foreshadowing?

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Jameer Nelson could return for NBA finals

Nelson's rehab is well ahead of schedule, but don't count on him playing in the finals.

Nelson's rehab is well ahead of schedule, but don't count on him playing in the finals.

Jameer Nelson was a big reason behind Orlando’s regular season success before suffering a torn labrum.

The injury was thought to be season-ending, but the Magic said Sunday it plans to have Nelson’s shoulder re-evaluated to determine if he could return against the Lakers.

He has full range of motion and has been shooting, but hasn’t practiced since February.

Nelson played a key role in both of Orlando’s wins against the Lakers in the regular season. He scored 28 points and dished out eight assists in the Magic’s win in L.A., and dropped 27 on the Lakers in Orlando.

It seems unlikely Nelson will return, and if he does he will have little impact in the series.

The Magic will have an MRI performed on Nelson’s shoulder before clearing him to play.

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Charles Barkley calls producer a “Pussy” on-air

First a DUI and now Charles Barkley calls Kenny Smith “numb nuts” and his producer a “pussy” in the same broadcast.

The question remains: What can Chuck do to get fired?

Howard leads Magic to NBA Finals

No matter what Cleveland tried, it once again had no answer for Dwight Howard in the paint.  Superman finished with 40 points and 14 rebounds to lead Orlando to a 103-90 win in Game 6 and a berth in the NBA finals.

Here are the highlights:

LeBron James and the Cavs looked tired and played horrible defense.  LeBron finished with 25 points, seven rebounds, and seven assists, but struggled mightily in the second and fourth quarters.

More on Cleveland’s possible offseason moves Monday on TTT.

The NBA Finals begin next Thursday.  I can’t wait.

Cavs should force Dwight Howard baseline

Mike Brown's awful coaching is continuing in Game 6.

Mike Brown's awful coaching is continuing in Game 6.

I’ve been very critical of Mike Brown during the Eastern Conference Finals, but it’s really hard to watch the Cavs defensive strategy – along with the offensive strategy, substitution pattern, etc.

Dwight Howard has gone to the middle of the lane constantly throughout the series, allowing him to easily see over the weak double-teams the Cavs send.

If he starts to go baseline, he always spins back to the middle.

I don’t know why the Cavs haven’t tried to force Howard baseline.  It would be more difficult to double him, but Cleveland’s defenders should stay at home on Orlando’s shooters.

In the end, none of this will matter because the Magic will advance to the finals.  But as an NBA fan, I refuse to let the NBA coach of the year off the hook.

Brown deserves to face scrutiny for his pathetic effort in this series.

This is Kenny Smith jumping over a car

Everybody has seen the ad where Kobe jumps over a car…but not everybody has seen Kenny Smith’s attempt to jump over a car which aired during last year’s playoffs. Kobe joins the TNT crew to watch the feat:

I enjoyed Kobe’s reaction to the piece.

Stay tuned.

MVP puppets: This is Kobe’s puppet jumping into a car

This is the shortest, and least funny, of the MVP puppet commercials thus far.

The Cavs are trailing big late in the second quarter of Game 6. It looks like Nike won’t have the Kobe vs. LeBron finals matchup it was hoping for.