Heat need to move on, forget about Smith’s dunk

After getting stomped by the Hawks in Game 5, all the Heat wanted to talk about was this play:

Just about everyone seems to have a problem with the attempt at showboating. I don’t see anything wrong with it whatsoever.

There just under four minutes remaining in the game when Smith went airborne – still plenty of time left. The game had been decided, but why stop playing?

There were also no Heat players chasing Smith; not because they couldn’t, because they didn’t. Michael Beasley was the closest defender, but gave up on the play.

If you don’t want to get shown up, try running back on defense.

So now everyone is saying Josh Smith is an idiot for giving the Heat extra motivation. You don’t want to make D-Wade mad – even though he has a bad back and almost no talent around him.

Do you really need any extra motivation in the NBA Playoffs?

Eric Spoelstra needs to get his team to match Atlanta’s intensity.  A 20-point loss to a team missing two starters in the playoffs is unacceptable.  Aside from some contributions from James Jones, Miami has gotten nothing out of its role players.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s game.  It should be very physical, and we’ll see if Miami retaliates against Smith.

Stay tuned.


One response to “Heat need to move on, forget about Smith’s dunk

  1. Listen, I think its ok and I totally agree with you that he has a right to do any kind of dunk he wants. I happen to be a huge heat fan and think they have plenty of motivation and that just added to it. They are going back home and will probably even the series up and that will give them motivation for game 7 in atlanta… watch out Hawk fans!!

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