Celtics bench comes through when it counts

Eddie House had struggled so badly in the First Round series against the Bulls that he lost minutes to the horrible Tony Allen.  But for whatever reason, Doc Rivers gave Fast Eddie his minutes Saturday, and it paid off.

House scored 16 points, including a huge 3-pointer late in the game, to lead Boston to 109-99 Game 7 victory against Chicago.  Brian Scalabrine added an improbable eight points off the C’s bench.

Ben Gordon dominated the ball late as usual, and finished with 33 points on 7-23 shooting in what was likely his final game as a Bull.  Ray Allen led Boston with 23 points.

Here are the highlights:

Maybe Derrick Rose will get some calls next year.  He didn’t shoot a single free throw in what was a very physical game.  With Gordon likely done in Chicago, John Salmons will move into the starting lineup at shooting guard.  Unlike B.G., Salmons doesn’t need to dominate the ball to score.

I thought Paul Pierce needed to defer to his teammates offensively for Boston to win the game, and he did for the most part.  Boston had terrific shot distribution for the first time in the series.

We’ll see if the Celtics have anything left in the tank against the Magic.

Stay tuned.


One response to “Celtics bench comes through when it counts

  1. It was a great game except for the reffing. Allen had an amazing series and House is the an making huge threes and probably making the difference in this game. I really hope Boston win ti all they are awesome.

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