Does Rajon Rondo have the ugliest shot in the NBA?

Rondo displayes his ugly-ass form and even uglier tattoo. (Pic via Boston Globe)

Rondo displayes his ugly-ass form and even uglier tattoo. (Pic via Boston Globe)

In a word – yes.

Rondo’s teammate Tony Allen, Bulls C Joakim Noah, Thunder G Earl Watson, and of course Shaq and Ben Wallace are in the conversation for the NBA’s worst-looking shot.

But Rondo’s jumper is a glaring weakness in his otherwise terrific all-around game.

A sequence in the third quarter of Game 3 between Boston and Orlando offered a display of Rondo’s lack of jump shooting ability:

First, he misses a free throw badly. He then is dared to shoot from the wing after dribbling for about six seconds, and misses. Two possessions later, he has a wide-open 3-pointer from the top of the key, but passes up the shot and drives into the lane, flipps a wild pass to Ray Allen, who is forced to take a difficult jumper as the shot clock expires.

Rondo brings the ball very close to his head before he releases it, and then shoots off to the side of his body. To make matters worse, his elbow often flies out when he shoots.

If Rondo consistently made jump shots, his horrible form wouldn’t be a problem.  But since he arguably the worst-shooting point guard in the NBA, it would be a good idea to watch some film and fix that bizarre release.

At some point Rondo will need to learn how to shoot in order to take his game to the next level.  He won’t always be playing alongside three future Hall of Famers.


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