Celtics face many tough offseason decisions

Pierce isn't going anywhere, but the Celtics could have a different look next season.

Pierce isn't going anywhere, but the Celtics could have a different look next season.

Boston’s semifinal loss to Orlando was hardly surprising given the absence of Kevin Garnett and the struggles of Ray Allen.  Here is a look at personnel decisions Danny Ainge and the Celtics’ brass will wrestle with this summer.

Re-sign Big Baby?

Even before KG went down, Glen Davis showed vast improved in his second season.  A strong playoff campaign enhanced his market value, making it likely he will draw a few offers in what figures to be a fairly quiet market.

His pick-n-pop game meshes well with Rajon Rondo’s penetration ability, and his rebounding and defense make him a starting-caliber player.

Although many players have leveraged strong playoff performances into lucrative contracts, I think the Celtics can keep Big Baby without having to overpay.

Re-Sign Starbury, Moore, Powe?

Probably not on all counts.

Marbury wasn’t very productive, but behaved himself in Boston.  He should draw interest from a handful of teams, and will probably cost too much for the Celtics.

Moore was awful.  There isn’t any reason to keep him.

Powe has some ability, but has been plagued by knee problems since high school.  Davis’ emergence probably means Powe won’t be back, although Boston might be wise to stock up on inside players given KG’s knee.

KG’s knee

Garnett is expect to have surgery in the offseason to clean out his knee.  He has played over 1,100 games and may never be the dominant defender he once was.  Re-signing Big Baby or acquiring another big man should be a priority for Ainge and the Celtics.

Potential additions

Aside from a big man, the Celtics will probably need to find a backup guard to replace Marbury and another swingman to add perimeter depth behind the aging Pierce and Allen.

Toronto’s Anthony Parker and Atlanta’s Flip Murray would be great free agent additions.

Rajon Rondo’s emergence – Is it a bad thing?

Rondo is a unique talent capable of putting up fantastic overall numbers.  He seems to be developing a punkish attitude, which could lead to problems in the future.

Rondo is best suited to create offense off the dribble and start the break after rebounding.  He tends to dominate the ball, which clashes with Paul Pierce’s style.

When Rondo scores big, Pierce and and Allen tend to disappear.  He won’t be an efficient scorer until he improves his jumper and free throw percentage.

The 23 year-old Rondo is the future of the Celtics, but the future isn’t here quite yet.


One response to “Celtics face many tough offseason decisions

  1. KG will come back stronger than ever after this knee surgery, and will be more determined than ever to win another championship. KG’s hard work ethics will push him harder than before.

    Look for Boston to make a 2 for 1 trade for Big Baby this off season to get more help in the front court. Sign House and Powe back, let go of Tony Allen, and pick up quality free agents. Oh, and fan favorite Scalobrine has to go too.

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