LeBron needs a little help from his friends


Mo was money during the regular season, but has been erratic in the playoffs

The first three games of the Eastern Conference Finals have shown that LeBron can’t do it by himself.

After three games of horrible play, his teammates need to step it up – quickly.

It starts with Mo Williams, who continued his poor shooting and decision making with an awful 5-16 shooting, five turnover performance.

Williams played well in big games – during the regular season.  But he has looked overly amped-up throughout the playoffs, frequently getting upset with opponents and the refs, and darting around the court like a scared kid on the seventh grade C-team.

The Magic will pay more attention to LeBron as the series continues, so Williams will get his opportunities.

He launced 10 3-pointers in Game, and he has to keep shooting and keep his game outside the lane.  Many of his turnovers are caused by over-penetrating.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas also needs to step up.

Big Z has spent most of the first three games against the Magic launching shots from the perimeter.  Until he starts making his jumper, Mike Brown should send him to the post, like he did early in Game 2.

To make matters worse, his defense against Dwight Howard has been horrendous.

Others who need to step up include Delonte West and Anderson Varejao.

West played decently in Game 3 and bothered Hedo Turkgolu a bit – finally.  Varejao is useless in this series but keeps getting minutes anyway.

Still, Cleveland has a good shot to win Game 4.

The Cavs got some good looks in Game 3, and I don’t expect another 37 percent shooting performance.


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