Lakers-Magic Game 1 first half recap

Kobe already has 18 points and six assists in the first half of Game 1.

Kobe already has 18 points and six assists in the first half of Game 1.

The Lakers lead 53-43 at the half and look to be in control. Orlando has shown the ability to rally from big deficits, so this one isn’t over. Here is what I noticed in the first half:

– The biggest difference between Kobe and LeBron was very evident in the first half. Kobe’s mid-range jumper makes it tough for Mickael Pietrus to sag off him like he did against Bron. The result: 18 points and six assists.

– Jameer Nelson looked good early in the second quarter in his return to action, but I thought the Magic looked out of sync late in the quarter. He got a lot of praise for playing well from Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy. What you can’t ignore is Orlando was +2 when Alston was in the game and -12 with Nelson in the lineup. His return could throw the Magic out of whack.

– Derek Fisher and Andrew Bynum played well in the first half. Fisher quietly scored nine points, most of which came against Nelson.

– Rashard Lewis is struggling to get open looks against Lamar Odom, who has the quickness to stay with Lewis on the perimeter.

– In the always exciting world of NBA shoes, Dwight Howard is boycotting black shoes and sticking with his blue and white kicks.

– The NBA Finals logo looks even bigger than last year. Courtney Lee’s NBA Finals logo on his headband is absurd.

– Speaking of absurd, the sound on ABC’s broadcast has been messed up for at least a half an hour. I wonder if the problem will be corrected in the second half.

– Still waiting for an MVP puppets commercial – the LeBron puppet must be on vacation.

Stay tuned for postgame reaction and highlights.


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