Thunder have high interest in DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan has said he would like to play alongside Kevin Durant in OKC.

DeMar DeRozan has said he would like to play alongside Kevin Durant in OKC.

The NBA draft is fast approaching, and it looks like the top-five is starting to shape up.

The latest news concerns DeMar DeRozan, who impressed many scouts with his performance at the NBA’s pre-draft camp in Chicago.

Several sources, including Hoops Vibe, are reporting the Oklahoma City Thunder came away throughly impressed after watching DeRozan work out this week.

The Thunder reportedly had been targeting Arizona State’s James Harden, but DeRozan’s workout and comments stating his desire to play in Oklahoma City make him the team’s probable selection with the third pick.

DeRozan’s impressive physical tools outweigh the fact he had a relatively poor freshman season at USC.  Harden is basically a finished product at this point, while DeRozan is nowhere close to realizing his potential.

The Clippers will select Blake Griffin with the first pick in the draft, and it appears Memphis is leaning strongly towards Hasheem Thabeet.

The Thunder wants to mold Russell Westbrook and will certainly shy away from young Ricky Rubio.  Sacramento needs a point guard and could take Rubio, but the Spaniard’s comments saying he only wants to play for select NBA teams could scare the Kings off.

Stay tuned for a breakdown of DeMar DeRozan this weekend here on TTT.


2 responses to “Thunder have high interest in DeMar DeRozan

  1. except the fact that Harden and Derozan are the same age and harden produced more?

  2. Harden’s numbers were impressive but I’m not sure how much better he will get – NBA teams love potential. ASU had much less talent than USC last season (nothing at all besides Pendergraph and Glasser), which gave Harden the chance to put up better individual numbers than DeRozan, who battled for shots with Taj Gibson, Daniel Hackett, and Dwight Lewis. We’ll see.

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