Where will Ricky Rubio end up?

D'Antoni would love to get his hands on young Ricky Rubio.

D'Antoni would love to get his hands on Ricky Rubio.

With the NBA draft right around the corner, it’s still unclear where highly-touted Ricky Rubio will land.

Multiple reports in recent days have Memphis looking to trade the #2 pick to either New York or Houston, in a deal involving an established NBA player (or two) and draft picks.

The Knicks are looking at Stephen Curry among others, but Mike D’Antoni loves his foreign players.

Nobody really knows if Curry can play point in the NBA. Rubio clearly has the ability to be a dynamic playmaker for years to come. It would be much easier to land LeBron with a solid guard like Rubio already in place.

The Grizz could ask for David Lee and the Knicks’ first round pick, or substitute Chris Duhon, Wilson Chandler, or another player for Lee.

Houston doesn’t have a first round pick in the draft and has view veterans to deal to Memphis. The emergence of Aaron Brooks late last season apparently hasn’t ended the endless quest to find a point guard that began when Matt Maloney retired.

The Rockets want to get younger and are dying to move T-Mac. Memphis has repeatedly shown low standards when it comes to trades, but it deserves to get kicked out the NBA if it accepts McGrady’s expiring contract for the #2 pick.

Stranger things have happened.

Memphis is clearly in a bind. Hasheem Thabeet and Jordan Hill aren’t worthy of being the second selection in the draft. Several mock drafts today, including the latest at draftexpress.com, have the Grizz taking James Harden. Selecting a swingman like Harden or Tyreke Evans would be a stupid move to say the least with a number of talented perimeter players already on the roster, including O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay.

The Grizz will almost certainly take Thabeet or trade down. The Knicks look like the most likely trade partner at this point.

Stay tuned for more updates on the quest for young Ricky.


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