Sam Smith spinning the rumor mill yet again

Would the Pistons really offer Gordon 11 per season as Smith claims?  Probably not.

Would the Pistons really offer Gordon 11 per season as Smith claims? Probably not.

Sam Smith made a name for himself over the years as a Bulls beat writer for the Chicago Tribune. From the highly-successful Jordan Rules to his fantastic trade rumors, Smith has always had an uncanny ability to embellish – and get away with it.

His latest rumor concerns the free agency of Bulls star Ben Gordon. Smith claims the Detroit Pistons has essentially promised Gordon a contract even before negotiations have begun.

Before you start to wonder if Pistons GM Joe Dumars is mind, consider the source.

Every year around the trading deadline, Smith gives his readers some “inside information”, i.e. bullshit. Any trade is a good trade in Smith’s world, regardless if it makes any sense in the real world.

The signing of Ben Gordon, especially at 11 million per year as Gordon’s agent has apparently hinted to Smith, makes absolutely no sense.

With Rodney Stuckey tabbed as the future of the franchise, the Pistons could use a veteran point guard to build around the young player. A backcourt featuring Gordon and Stuckey would be small and struggle defensively. Gordon’s tendency to dominate the ball and rarely pass would render Stuckey a spectator.

And then there is the issue of Rip Hamilton already being in place at shooting guard. Not surprisingly, Smith suggests the Pistons would simply trade Hamilton. It remains to be seen which teams have interest in Hamilton, whose contract expires after next season.

Gordon probably won’t return to the Bulls next season, but I would be absolutely shocked if he ends up in Detroit.

Whatever happened to journalistic integrity?


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