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No Bull: Boozer says he will be traded

Boozer told a Chicago radio station Tuesday he would love to play for the Bulls.

Boozer told a Chicago radio station Tuesday he would love to play for the Bulls.

Trade rumors involving Carlos Boozer heading to Chicago are heating up once again. Tuesday, Boozer told Chicago radio station WMVP he expects to be traded “relatively soon or in good time.”

While that statement itself makes little sense, it’s clear Utah wants to move Boozer ASAP. The Jazz has until the end of the week to match Portland’s offer to restricted free agent Paul Millsap.

The Bulls have been rumored to be in hot pursuit of Boozer in recent weeks. A deal would almost certainly involve Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas. A proposed three-team deal involving Chicago, Utah, and Portland was nixed last week when the Blazers refused to part with promising youngster Jerryd Bayless.

Portland desperately needs a point guard and will continue to pursue Hinrich regardless of what happens with Boozer.

The Daily Herald’s Mike McGraw posted a transcript of the Boozer interview with the Bulls’ flagship station. Boozer praised the Bulls franchise repeatedly during the interview, compared Derrick Rose to Deron Williams, and even promised to try to lure D-Wade to Chicago next summer. Sounds like a Bull to me.

Meanwhile, the Jazz are scrambling to keep Millsap. The Salt Lake Tribune reported Tuesday team officials are considering taking out a loan to match Portland’s offer sheet. The four-year, $32 million deal would pay Millsap $10.3 million within the first week of his contract.

Utah will most likely match Millsap’s offer regardless of Boozer’s status at week’s end. That move could trigger a strong Portland push for Lamar Odom.


Kobe says “You ain’t dunkin’ on me at my camp”

It sounds like we won’t have to worry about Nike hiding video of Kobe Bryant getting dunked on.  Kobe told the kids at his camp simply, “you ain’t dunkin on me at my camp.”

Silly Kobe.