It’s the return of ToTheTin

We'll be alright if our return goes anything like Mike's.

It’s been a long, long, long time – but we’re back. Much has changed since July. I have returned to school, EVD has obtained his first grown-up job as a journalist, Shaq has gained about 80 pounds, and Tony Crocker has ditched those annoying long sleeves.

Although our time is severely limited, EVD and I plan to do our best to bring you the interesting, amusing, and opinionated coverage of the NBA & College Basketball. Anything to avoid writing a story about High School Swimming or a paper documenting the sexual undertones of Chaucer’s A Knight’s Tale.

We realize that by now we have almost certainly lost almost all of our readership, excluding my beautiful girlfriend and EVD’s lovely younger sister. With that in mind, things will be a bit different this time around. We will do less long-winded stories and do what we should have done before: GET TO THE POINT! Expect more videos because they tend to draw the most interest – and because it doesn’t take much effort to post them.

I will try to focus on College Basketball as the season begins to progress. Our March Madness coverage last year got a positive response in both page views and reader comments – aside from the guy who got pissed at me for confusing North Dakota with North Dakota State. Ben Woodside has used up his eligibility, so hopefully we won’t have a similar situation again next March.

So sit back, relax, and strap it down…


2 responses to “It’s the return of ToTheTin

  1. keep it coming fellas! you still have some fans :)

  2. Oh yeah, and lets see some Hawkeye pre-game for the 2010 Orange bowl.

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