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Report: Gerald Laird arrest stemmed from Grandpa’s groping wife of NBA player

Laird was arrested after a fight broke at a Phoenix Suns game on December 30. (AP Photo)

Aside from being pretty average professional athletes, Gerald Laird and Eddie House have just about nothing in common. But for one night in December, fate brought them together.

Apparently fate came in the form of good ole Grandpa Laird.

Charlsie House, the wife of former Arizona State star and Suns sparkplug Eddie House, told security guards and that 70 year-old Grandpa Laird touched her inappropriately as she watched her husband’s Celtics team battle the Suns from a lounge area Dec. 30.

Police eventually responded to the incident and claimed Brandon Laird, a 22 year-old prospect in the Yankees organization, was shouting derogatory remarks before taking a swing at a woman in the lounge. Meanwhile, older brother Gerald and his enormous melon head was accused of sucker-punching a security guard.

Security reportedly warned the Laird mantourage prior to granting them admission to the lounge after suspecting (correctly) the men had been drinking heavily.

Charlsie House told Police she didn’t want to press charges against the rampaging Lairds, who were arrested on suspicion of assualt, along with their Uncle, Gregory Scott Collins, 51.

Talk about a family of idiots.

Laird, a journeyman catcher, signed a $3.9 million one-year deal with the Tigers in the offseason. He probably won’t be suspended, making him a safe pick in round 19 of your upcoming fantasy drafts.


This is BC’s Corey Raji taking flight

In case you’re wondering, Corey is indeed the brother of former BC defensive lineman and current Green Bay Packer B.J. Raji.

This was nice…

This is Greg Oden apologizing

Oden talks about the embarrasing pictures…give him credit for not hiding from this.  I’m not sure if this press conference was held in a laundromat; the audio is a bit difficult to understand at times.  Video Credit:

I wonder if Sam Bowie ever took pics of himself while sidelined?  My money is on yes.

Downey’s greatness on display as Cocks knock off No. 1 Cats

Downey takes - and makes - some crazy shots. (Pic via

Devan Downey might not be the pro prosepct John Wall is, but he sure handed it Kentucky last night in the latest edition of spectacular scoring performances.

Downey finished with 30 points to lead the Gamecocks to a 68-62 upset over the top-ranked Wildcats.  He made a handful of seemingly impossible shots and provided leadership to a squad playing without swingman Dominique Archie.

America found out just how good Downey is last night.  I’ve been saying he is the most underrated player in country all season.  Nobody does more for his team, or more with less, than the 5’9″ jitterbug.

Downey scored 30 or more points for the third time in five games Tuesday night.  He is the South Carolina offense, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the team’s shot attempts this season – he launched 29 last night while his teammates attempted 35.  His nine made field goals included three difficult bank shots, including a ridiculous runner over DeMarcus Cousins late in the game.

Meanwhile, aside from Cousins, Kentucky looked lost for most of the game.  Cousins dominated inside and finished with 27 points and 12 rebounds.  Wall added a quiet 19 points for the Wildcats (19-1, 4-1 Southeastern Conference).

John Calipari needs to get Patrick Patterson involved in the offense.  Patterson has spent more time playing on the perimeter this season and has dissappeared at times.  He finished with just four points Tuesday night.

The Gamecocks (12-8, 3-3) will need a miracle to make the NCAA Tournament.  But if Downey keeps putting up huge numbers, who knows?

Check back for the all-underrated team this weekend here on TTT.

Put that thing away Greg

L.L.G.O...the ladies certainly love them some Greg. (Pic via

Greg Oden held an impromptu news conference Tuesday night.  No no silly, it wasn’t to announce a surprising early return to the court, it was an apology for the photos that leaked early yesterday of Oden capturing his essence full-frontal style in front of a mirror.

The photos, which first appeared on and are now all over the place (A disclaimer: Just Google it, I’m not gonna post a link to this one) and caused Oden to speak out about the issue.

To his credit, the youngster admitted the photos were indeed of himself and said they were a gift for a ladyfriend and meant to remain private.

I guess it must have been a bit of a rocky breakup or something.

Hopefully Oden learns to scale his goofy act back a bit.  But honestly, I can’t blame him for getting bored while recovering from his myriad of injuries.

Just keep your clothes on Greg.

This is a crazy high school dunk

Deuce Bello of Westchester Country Day is only a junior…and he already can do this, from


Former Cards skipper Herzog trashes Big Mac

Herzog has never been one to mince words (Pic via New York Daily News/AP).

Whitey Herzog was a little before my time — okay, quite a bit before my time, but I’m well aware of his reputation for being a no-nonsense grumpy dude who speaks his mind.

He did just that last week while talking about Mark McGwire after recieving, ironically, a “Nice Guy” award at a sports banquet in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Herzog responded to a question about McGwire in this fashion, from the Appleton Post-Crescent:

“I’ve got nothing to do with him,” Herzog said, clearly annoyed. “I don’t want to comment on steroids because they’re all lying. And they’re still lying. They get on steroids because they say they want to get back on the field. The reason they’re on steroids is because they got injured because they were taking steroids. Because their muscles grow too fast, and every time they make a false move, they slip and pull something. It’s always a pulled muscle, rib cage, a minor something. That’s bull.

“Let’s get to the bottom of this. It’s a health problem, but nothing’s going to happen. The people in St. Louis give Mark McGwire a standing ovation the other day, and (former major leaguer) Jack Clark said every steroid user should be banned for baseball, and they booed him. Now, what the hell is the matter with society when that happens?”

Interestingly, Herzog stopped short of criticizing his nemisis Tony LaRussa, who has been enabling McGwire’s antics for almost 20 years now.  LaRussa’s reaction to the McGwire “aplogogy” has been filled with ignorance and shown what a dumbass he really is.

It’s nice to see the public is not forgiving McGwire after his half-hearted apology.  It’s even better to see his peers piling on his wrinkled, withering body.

Go away Mark, and take Tony and his mullet with you.