Fiesta Bowl a resounding disappointment

The prospect of an intriguing at-large matchup in the Fiesta Bowl had many people, including yours truly, anxious to tune in.  By halftime, I was ready to tune out.

TCU running back Joesph Turner pretty much set the tone for the game:

What followed was dropped passes, bad passes, poor execution, false start penalties, and a choppy game that featured very little excitement.  The most exciting play of the game was trickeration at the hands of Boise State (of course) in the form of a beautifully executed fake punt.

TCU reciever Antoine Hicks blew a chance tie the game by misplaying a long pass.  The Horns threatend a bit late, but the Broncos held and that was that.  Game over, 17-10 final.  Whew.

I’m not trying to sound ethnocentric here, but this is what happens when you have two teams accustomed to playing Air Force and San Jose State thrust into the national spotlight together — not just in the polls, in an actual game.  Boise State has been there before, but only one player, CB Kyle Wilson, played a significant role in the Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma.  TCU played a solid non conference schedule this season, including a trip to Death Valley, but it ultimately wasn’t enough to prepare for the pressure of playing in a BCS game.

Like fish out of water, both quarterbacks floundered through a miserable first half.  Kellen Moore set out to prove his arm strength by throwing 60 yard bombs to nobody in particular, while Andrew Dalton was uncharacteristically careless with the ball.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is your BCS game.

I’m an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, so I’m used to generally boring slugfests and wouldn’t be surprised to see another one tonight against powerful Georgia Tech.  But here’s the difference: tonight’s game won’t be sloppy simply because of nerves.

Now to the the trendy argument of the times: College Football needs a freakin’ playoff and everybody knows it.  So if a Boise State could survive against the likes of Georgia Tech, Florida, Iowa, and Texas, they certainly deserve the chance to compete for a National Championship.  Until that happens, how can you justify giving a team a shot at the Crown despite beating only two ranked teams all season, including a TCU team that couldn’t have played much worse?  Talk about a stupid argument that makes no sense whatsoever.

Boise State head coach Chris Peterson said it best after last night’s win, “We can’t help who we play.”  That’s simply the unfortunate reality of a non-playoff system.


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