Man love personified: Mike Patrick & Jon Scheyer

Scheyer is a little too skinny for my liking.

Watching Duke basketball on ESPN is often a painful experience, with Mike Patrick and Dick Vitale slobbering all over the latest legend to hit the hardwood.

Last night Duke met Iowa State in Chicago.  ESPN dispatched Mike Patrick and Jay Bilas (actually not overly annoying despite being a Dukey) to the hometown of Duke sensation Jon Scheyer.

Okay, I know, he isn’t a sensation.  He is a very good college player.  A smart player.  I get it.  Mike Patrick on the other hand, he has no clue.

Patrick repeated Scheyer’s assist-to-turnover ratio at least three times in the first two minutes of Wednesday’s game.  When Scheyer made an uncontested pass to teammate Kyle Singler for a transistion layup, Patrick ejaculated, “Oh, what a pass by Scheyer, now that’s just great basketball.”

No Mike, that’s just normal basketball.

Scheyer is a nice player, but he is no J.J. Redick and shouldn’t be treated as such.  What Redick did as a senior was nothing short of remarkable, dominating bigger, more athletic players in what was a very deep ACC.  Scheyer hasn’t done anything that even remotely compares to Redick’s accomplishments.

So I advise you to turn away when you see Duke on ESPN.  I think everybody is tired of the Tebowesque worship of college athletes.  Enough already Mike.


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