Not again! ESPN offers platform for McGwire’s hypocrisy

Yesterday’s news that Mark McGwire has admitted and apologized (sort of) to using steriods was hardly a surprise to many, including the folks at ESPN.  Within minutes following the AP’s release of the McGwire apology, the Boo Ya Network had assembled at unbiased, impartial, and expert panel to react the blockbuster news story: Tony LaRussa and Bob Knight.  Yes, Bob Knight, the former College Basketball Coach.  Now watch as Knight suggests MLB add Gatorade to the list of banned substances:

The producers at ESPN who allowed this uninformed nonsense to hit the air should be fired.  Meanwhile, little baby Tim Kurkjian was nearly reduced to tears while defending McGwire.  Only John Kruk and T.J. Quinn seem to be mildly perturbed by Big Mac’s nonsensical apologies.  Otherwise, it’s business as usual in Bristol – refusal to admit the obvious – McGwire cheated for over a decade while the network turned a blind eye and glorified his fraudulent success on the diamond.


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