Bears finally settle on Mike Martz as OC

Look for this look at least 2,456 times next season in Chicago. (Pic via

The Chicago Bears finally ended the lengthy search for an offensive coordinator Monday, announcing Mike Martz has been hired to fill the position left vacant by the embattled Ron Turner.

The move comes weeks after Lovie Smith endorsed Martz for the position, but initially received no backing from other members of the Bears organization, including GM Jerry Angelo.

The 2010 Bears should resemble a very entertaining remix of “The Greatest Show on Turf.”

Soldier Field has one of the worst playing surfaces in the NFL.  Combine that with below-average receivers trying to run complex routes, a crabby quarterback, and an ego-maniac like Martz and you get a disaster waiting to happen.

Can you imagine Devin Hester sitting in a Starbucks trying to memorize Martz’s playbook?  Yikes.

The Martz hire doesn’t make much sense for a franchise desperately seeking stability.

After leaving the Rams in 2005, Martz lasted only one year each as offensive coordinator with the Lions and then 49ers.  He clashed with coaches and players along the way, strengthening his reputation of being difficult to work with.

His complicated offense features deep drops, longer routes, and keeping the quarterback in the pocket.  That could spell injury for Jay Cutler considering the Bears woeful offensive line.

It should be fun to watch Martz’s stubborn style clash with Jay Cutler’s bull-headed mindset.

Meanwhile, the search for a defensive coordinator continues in Chicago.  Sit back, relax, and strap it down.


One response to “Bears finally settle on Mike Martz as OC

  1. Lovie Smith says Martz will bring “energy”

    My prediction: Martz will call his sons in and try to attempt a coup for the head coaching spot. Lovie Smith will then use his martial arts training and defeat Martz. The press will be bad and Lovie will get fired. The bears will then hire Frank Solich and Jim McMahon as co-head coaches.

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