T-Mac trade puts the Rockets in a puzzling position

Martin is fragile and overpaid...sound familiar? (AP Photo)

Late last night the Sacramento Kings and Houston Rockets pulled the trigger on a seven-player deal sending Kevin Martin to Houston in exchange for Carl Landry and of course, T-Mac. Joey Dorsey is also headed Sacramento, with Kenny Thomas, Sergio Rodriguez, and Hilton Armstrong going to Houston to complete the deal.

The Rockets were running out of time to deal T-Mac and appear to have panicked. But the with GM Daryl Morey’s bizarre love of Kevin Martin, it’s possible he overpaid for a guy with similar skills–and shortcomings–to McGrady.

Martin has missed at least 20 games in each of the last three seasons with an assortment of injuries. His slight build and strange release on his jump shot suggest that he has reached his ceiling NBA.

Here’s the first problem: Martin’s ceiling isn’t very high. And here’s the second problem: Martin has three years, $46 million dollars remaining on his contract. Daryl Morey appears to have lost his mind.

The inclusion of Carl Landry in the deal makes it even more bizarre.

Sacramento gets a very good inside scorer in Landry, a young player with some potential in Dorsey, and whatever the expected trade of McGrady to the Knicks brings to the table. The T-Mac re-trade could be contingent on the impending Knicks-Celtics deal involving Nate Robinson and Eddie House.

The Rockets appeared on the brink of escaping salary cap hell. The addition of Martin ensures that the franchise will remain in a holding pattern for a few more years.


3 responses to “T-Mac trade puts the Rockets in a puzzling position

  1. But Houston has the right to swap 1st round picks with NYK in 2011 and apparently gets NYK’s 1st round pick outright in 2011.

    Now since LeBron, etc is never going to NYK, those picks should be top 5

  2. Update: The Knicks are officially part of the deal…here’s how it shakes out: The Knicks acquire T-Mac and Sergio Rodriguez, Houston acquires Kevin Martin, Jordan Hill and Jared Jeffries along with the Knicks 2011 first round pick and a conditional 2012 pick. The Kings land Larry Hughes (yay!) along with Carl Landry and Joey Dorsey. Great move for the Kings, a better move for the Rockets than it initially appeared, although Kevin Martin is vastly overrated. The Knicks dumped bad contracts in preparation for this summer.

  3. Update: There are conflicting reports about the draft picks the Knicks are giving to the Rockets. I’m sticking with what ESPN and Yahoo are reporting (and commenter Brian wrote) which is the the chance to swap first rounders next year and the 2011 first round pick outright. There are various reports that the Knicks may only part with a first round pick in 2012 and the pick-swap option in 2010 is not part of the deal. Remember, this is still subject to league approval and could change a bit.

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