Michigan gets screwed, stupid, loses to Ohio State

As I watched the replay of Evan Turner’s 3-point heave to beat Michigan at the buzzer, two things became abundantly clear: John Beilein should have considered putting Manny Harris on Turner, or double-teaming him, or doing something, and the clock clearly didn’t start until after Turner took his first dribble.

I’ve watch the replay numerous times; it’s just so obvious. Turner caught the ball as he turned upcourt, dribbled…and then the clock started. The visual evidence backs it up. If you want to bring logic into the picture, is 2.2 seconds enough time for a 6’7″ guy not named LeBron to take two full dribbles covering nearly half of the length of the court, jump really high, then release a shot? No. Had Turner shot the ball on his way up, that would be one thing; but he released the ball at the apex of his jump.

I will post a video as soon as possible–I’m not sure how nobody has figured this out yet.


10 responses to “Michigan gets screwed, stupid, loses to Ohio State


  2. Fred Johnson

    That’s the human factor in basketball. Sometimes it bites you in the ass.

  3. Charlie Brown

    Michigan sucks in everything!

  4. Starting the clock on time is very simple…it starts when the the ball touches a players hands…not when he dribbles. This wasn’t a high school game, it was the Big Ten Tournament; you would like to think the clock would be run correctly. Beilein’s stupidity opened the door for Turner’s shot, but like I have said, it’s very obvious when you watch the replay.

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  6. Boo hoo. What a crybaby. Typical WishAgain fan.

  7. they need to look at the whole play not just the shot what a crock of shit the ncaa needs to get into this sims is a senior hes fucked now no more chances for him

  8. Ahh, I love idiotic comments…inside of commenting on whether or not the clock started, you say “boo-hoo”, etc….the point of the post was not to lament the Michigan loss as I had absolutely no vested interest in the game whatsoever, however it was simply to point out that the Big Ten/officiating team made a mistake.

  9. They never start the clock precisely when the player touches the ball. How could they, somebody managing the clock has to hit a button or something, there is no computer that registers when the player touches it. As a result, players almost always get at least some slight amount of extra time.

    And you can’t go back and take time off of the clock after the buzzer when all of the players are relying on the clock over the basket to tell them how long they have to shoot. If they were to say the shot didn’t count because the clock started late, that would be retarded. The buzzer is the buzzer.

    And if the clock had started earlier, Evan Turner would still have seen the clock and shot in time, he just would have made the shot from 60 feet instead of 40 feet. Sorry Maize and BooHoo.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with “To The Tin”, Turner took two steps after he caught the ball and only .1 seconds came off the clock. Tell Bdiddy that the clock is supposed to start upon the touch. That is precisely what happened in the Georgetown/Villinova game at the last 4.2 seconds. As soon Scottie Reynolds touched the ball the clock started. He took two steps after his touch which took up .5 seconds.

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