Breaking down James Anderson

The dynamic Anderson dominated the Big 12 and carried Okie State to the NCAA Tournament. (Pic via

James Anderson burst onto the scene as a skinny freshman with impressive range and sneaky athleticism. Three years later, the Big 12 Player of the Year has displayed steady improvement and is projected by as a first-round pick should he decide to forgo his senior season, which many people expect him to do. The 6’6″ shooting guard has become a dynamic scorer despite playing on a team with limited talent. Anderson is always the focal point of the defense yet still manages to put up numbers while displaying remarkable efficiency.

ToTheTin present a closer look at James Anderson:


A pure scorer. Able to get his shot off against more athletic, taller defenders. Has shown drastic improvement in terms of coming off screens and finding holes in the defense. An excellent spot-up shooter. Shooting a career-low 36 percent from 3-point range this season, but has legitimate NBA range. An improved ball-handler able to get to the rim off the bounce. Crafty and effective around the basket, doesn’t have to jump over defenders to score the ball. A good team defender with a nose for the ball. Averages six rebounds per game and is willing to play physical.


Plays a bit stiff. Lacks a quick first step and explosive athletic ability. Mid-range game has improved but still needs work. At right around 200 pounds, lacks the ability to post up. Needs to continue adding strength to his slight frame. Not a great passer or creator off the dribble. A poor individual defender with average foot speed; rarely gets into a defensive stance.

Pro Projection

Anderson has improved every year and staying in school is certainly not a bad idea. He will certainly be a First-Round pick and can provide immediate help to teams with his shooting ability. Anderson is hurt somewhat by Okie State’s lack of a decent point guard and a consistent inside scoring threat, which highlight his few offensive limitations. He will never be a defensive stopper, but needs to show improvement to avoid getting picked on by opponents. Anderson will have a solid NBA career, the only question remaining is when it will begin.


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