No joke: Shaun Rogers arrested for carrying loaded gun in carry-on luggage

Shaun Rogers: Very big, and apparently very dumb too. (Pic via

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers proved to be a colossal fool Thursday, when he was arrested for carrying a concealed gun through security at the Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland.

According to the Police report, Rogers was detained after officers identified a loaded .45 caliber hand gun in his carry-on luggage. Rogers was booked without incident for carrying a concealed weapon, which is a third-degree felony in Ohio. No charges have been filed at this time.

This is without doubt one of the stupidest things a professional athlete has done in recent memory. It seems unlikely Rogers intentionally tried to sneak the gun through security, but it’s hard to imagine he simply forgot about the loaded gun.

Rogers has yet to release a statement on today’s events. It will be interesting to see him try to explain his side of the story.

The Roger Goodell frustration alert level has been elevated to bright orange.


3 responses to “No joke: Shaun Rogers arrested for carrying loaded gun in carry-on luggage

  1. Arrested for carrying a concealed gun through security? Well I can’t understand it, However if you are a professional Athlete and you feel your life is in danger, Then hire a professional body guard.

    Why can’t some professional athlete realize that they are watched, they just have to register that this is a fact, notwithstanding use some common sense and think about how it will impact there lives and career and families.

    Let’s do better people.

  2. No one, I mean no one is that dam stupid! Where has that moron been? Who with IQ about a rock would carry a loaded gun, to a Airport?…..Woops,…I forgot, some shoot themselves in the leg, having a drink at a Bar. Must be the tight helmet!!!!

  3. This is absolutely unbeleivable. How dumb can people be? I can’t believe that there was a bullet in the chamber. Amazing…

    I wrote something similar on my blog, Knee ‘n Numbers… check it out:

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