Celtics demonstrate how little K.G. matters, dominate Heat in Game 2

The Celtics looked like a happy bunch without K.G. in the lineup Tuesday.

As an avid NBA fan, I’ve watched Kevin Garnett for years. I’ve admired his passion, dedication, and competitiveness. But as far as I’m concerned, he should have just left it at “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!”

Time to stop talking and show you can still play.

The Celtics didn’t miss a beat without the suspended Garnett. Glen Davis filled in nicely, finishing with 23 points and eight rebounds. More importantly, Boston avoided stupid technicals and pointless confrontations with opponents Tuesday night in the 106-77 rout of Miami.

Davis’ performance was surprising and probably won’t–and shouldn’t from Miami’s point of view–be replicated again anytime soon. His production raises questions about just how much KG matters at this point in his career.

Garnett’s intensity and reputation for jaw-jacking has always being noticeable. It’s hasn’t always been so damn annoying.

Whether it’s yelling “I’m right here” at LeBron during the Easter Sunday game, or elbowing Quentin Richardson in Game 1 to draw a suspension, his antics are the only reminder that he is actually on the court.

Garnett’s statistical impact is minimal–similar to Taj Gibson’s numbers this year. His emotional impact is detrimental–his whining intensifies the Celtics’ bad attitude.

The Celtics would be a better team without Garnett. At this point, he is playing on one leg. He lacks explosion to make a difference defensively and is simply a spot-up jump shooter on the offensive end.

Garnett has already fallen far enough. I don’t want to see him tarnish his legacy by acting like a fool in the twilight of his career.


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