Ohio State recruit wounded in shooting while ridin dirty

Turner always seems to be flirting with trouble. (Pic via BrutusReport.com)

The Ohio State Buckeyes appear to be on the verge of losing a member of its 2010 recruiting class. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Defensive end/linebacker prospect Jamel Turner was wounded in a shooting late Friday night in his hometown of Youngstown, Ohio.

Turner was considered to be part of Jim Tressel’s recruiting class, but at this point has yet to receive a high school diploma. He transferred to a prep school after being declared academically ineligible at Ursuline High School. Turner was subsequently dismissed from the prep school in March.

Turner is supposedly attempting to receive his degree by taking correspondence classes.

Turner was shot in the leg but not seriously injured. The driver of the car he was in, 32 year-old Ramses Terry, has a lengthy arrest record several drug-related incidents. Police found two handguns and a bag of marijuana in the vehicle.

Ohio State is said to be investigating the incident. It will be interesting to monitor the Buckeyes’ stance on Turner. It’s safe to say that admitting him into the program would certainly raise some eyebrows.


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