Need another reason to dislike Tiger? He likes Nickelback

"Nickelback is awesome!!!" Not so much Tiger. (Pic via

Tiger Woods has provided the world with plenty of reasons to hate him in recent months, but his latest character flaw is downright puzzling.

The man actually likes Nickelback.

Tiger attended a Nickelback concert at Amway Arena last night in Orlando, according to a story first reported by TMZ. He remained backstage during the performance.

It doesn’t get much worse than Nickelback.  I stopped listening to the radio right around the time Nickelback burst onto the scene.  I would rather listen to Mmm Bop on loop for an hour than listen to any Nickelback song.

Go back to Canada already–you can go with them Tiger.

I bet Mike Weir hates Nickelback.


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