Hofstra coach Welsh resigns following DUI arrest

Tim Welsh's career--as a coach and analyst--is on hold following his DUI arrest. (Pic via New Jersey Star-Ledger)

What is it with former ESPN employees getting their noses into trouble?

Former College Basketball analyst Tim Welsh became the latest former employee of the Boo-Ya Network to encounter legal problems after being arrested for DUI last week in New York.

Welsh has resigned from his new job as head coach of Hofstra University, the school announced Monday.

The former Providence coach spent the last two seasons working at ESPN before being hired in late March to resurrect Hofstra’s hoops program.

Welsh was arrested early Friday morning after Police found him sleeping in his car at a green light. He failed a field sobriety test with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit in New York state.

It will be interesting to see what happens next for Welsh, who was a decent analyst and did a fair job rebuilding the Friars.

The Hofstra administration will now be forced to embark on what could be an exhaustive coaching search.

Speedy Claxton must be rolling over in his grave.


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