Sports Illustrated cover story paints Roethlisberger as menace to society

Jack McCallum tells the story of a troubled, arrogant jerk in desperate need of an extreme makeover. (Pic via

The highly-anticipated cover story detailing the life and times of Ben Roethlisberger is finally available for viewing. It certainly was worth the wait.

Veteran SI writer Jack McCallum compiled a variety of facts, allegations, and bizarre details regarding Roethlisberger’s behavior in recent years.

The article goes beyond the scope of the sexual assault incident in Georgia. Much of the material centers around Roethlisberger’s expanded ego, from his refusal to stop riding his motorcycle without a helmet to his behavior during pick-up basketball games.

His views of women, including alleged comments directed at a pregnant waitress in the Pittsburgh area and his proclamation, “shots for my bitches” on that fateful night in Milledgeville, are certainly well-documented.

Roethlisberger’s apparent disdain and disregard for the common man (or woman) is without doubt the most intriguing aspect of the piece.

His clashes with members of the service industry, including repeated use of the “Do you know who I am?” tactic to get his way, offers a glimpse into who he has become.

McCallum describes the reaction of the Steelers’ fandom to Roethlisberger’s personna. In an unassuming city known for producing basic materials for others to use in daily life, the blue-collar citizens don’t have the time or patience to tolerate the actions of a spoiled athlete behaving badly. For now at least, Byron Leftwich will do just fine.

Set aside some time today and read the article. It is long, detailed, and fascinating–and really, really sad.


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