Lawrence Taylor has finally run out of luck

Taylor, pictured here following a 2009 arrest in Florida, finds himself at the center of another legal mess. (AP Photo/Pic via NYDailyNews)

It’s safe to say that Lawrence Taylor has been one lucky guy. After his latest run-in with the law, it appears his luck may have finally run out.

Taylor, 51, was arrested early Thursday morning in Suffern, New York after he allegedly paid a 16 year-old girl $300 dollars for sex.

He was charged with third-degree rape and released from custody after posting $75,000 bail.

Authorities refused to comment on whether or not Taylor knew the girl was underage.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter—an adult having sex with a minor under age 17 in New York constitutes a crime—regardless of the circumstances.

The mysterious details surrounding incident point to some sort of setup gone wrong.

Again, it doesn’t matter.

In the past, Taylor has always been able to scramble to steer his life back on a productive path. Regardless of how long it took, he managed to push his problems into the background and become a functional member of society again.

Or so we thought.

Taylor has shown enough humility throughout his life to put himself in situations to succeed. He repeatedly worked to get himself clean after being jolted by arrests and financial trouble.

But the harsh reality remains: Taylor’s wealth and fame has always bailed him out of his legal difficulties.

A man lost amidst a mound of cocaine, a man who during an interview with CBS’ 60 minutes in 2004 admitted he slept with at least six prostitutes a day while drifting through a drug-induced malaise for months at a time, somehow managed to earn a spot on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

Taylor’s fame gave him a second chance, a third chance, and a fourth chance.

Evidently there just aren’t any lucky stars left in the sky.


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