Game 6 First Half Reaction: LeBron, Mo Williams come to play, teammates still a no-show

West was beyond awful during his eight first half minutes in Game 6. (Pic via

After a competitive and sloppy first half, the Celtics hold a 51-49 lead over the Cavaliers.

LeBron looks like LeBron; engaged in the game and playing hard. He shot just 4-of-12 in the first half and didn’t hit a jump shot, but his fingerprints are all over the game.

The same can be said for Rajon Rondo, who has a quiet 12 points to go along with seven assists. Mo Williams leads all scorers with 20 points–seriously.

Here are some observations from the first half:

-LeBron shed the arm sleeve. Maybe he should put it back on; he hasn’t looked good on his jump shots. He looks completely comfortable with the ball and doesn’t appear afraid to launch from the perimeter. The Celtics are doing a good job keeping him out of the lane, but he is still fighting hard to get to the basket.

-Delonte West made four idiotic plays that helped fuel a 10-0 Boston run. Antawn Jamison has been a non-factor offensively and a huge factor defensively–the Celtics are just killing him. Mike Brown would be advised to keep Jamison off the court for most of the second half. The same can be said for Shaq, who appears sluggish.

-Anderson Varejao needs to be on the floor. He provides the defense and toughness the Cavaliers need. He is also more effective on the offensive end than Jamison.

-Brown opened the game by playing Shaq on Kevin Garnett, which fueled a strong start by K.G. Not a good move.

-Mo Williams is ballin’. He is playing with amazing aggressiveness on both ends and looking to score an every opportunity. If he plays under control, the Cavs’ have a chance to win.

-The Celtics haven’t played well aside from a couple good spurts. Paul Pierce spent most of the first half on the bench with three fouls and will be fresh for the second half. Rondo also has three fouls; he must stay on the floor for the Celtics to win the game.

-Tony Allen has one of the ugliest jump shots you will ever see, but he had a huge impact in the first half. His athleticism bothers LeBron and provides the Celtics with easy buckets.

-The Cavs were the more aggressive team in the first half.

This one will be close, all the way to the finish line. The clutch factor will be huge; I’ll believe Cleveland can handle the pressure when I see it.

Stay tuned for postgame analysis and press conference clips.


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