Musical motivation for LeBron James

LeBron appeared to lack motivation in Game 5. That should change tonight, but maybe LeBron needs a spark. Behold the magic of YouTube.

LeBron and DeShawn Stevenson had a brief feud during at heated First Round series three years ago, which began after LeBron mocked Stevenson, saying “I’m Jay-Z. He’s Soulja Boy.” Stevenson flew Soulja Boy in for a game and gave him courtside seats. Then, Jay-Z supplied this song to a D.C. nightclub where the Wizards often hung out, and LeBron just happened to be in attendance while the song was played.

Here is Stu Scott and his lazy eye with a further explanation followed by Jay-Z’s DeShawn diss:

Who was going to back DeShawn, besides Soulja Boy, who at the time was a 170 lb. teenager with no talent? Enter D.C. area rapper Pro’V, who fired back:

“Little LeBron gotta run to his pops, like, ‘daddy, kid was makin’ fun of the Roc!’ What’s next, he gonna get a diss tape from his mom, or Beyonce gonna sing a track for LeBron?”

And now for something completely different.

Here is a feel good tribute to LeBron by some dude, a remix of M.I.A’s Paper Planes:

The best part is the snapping at the end of the video. So awesome.

Get ready for what should be a terrific Game 6.


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