Highlights of Celtics Game 2 win over Magic

Not that’s more like it–after a poorly-played Game 1, the Celtics and Magic played much better in Game 2. Boston took advantage of Orlando’s inability to execute in the clutch and held on for a 95-92 victory.

Among the interesting subplots of Game 2, Joe DeRosa’s interaction with a fan stands out. DeRosa tossed the basketball at a fan who yelled at him near the scorers table. The fan threw the ball back at DeRosa and was immediately ejected from the arena. The NBA is reviewing the incident and will likely suspend the veteran referee.

UPDATE: Ball Don’t Lie is reporting that the recipient of DeRosa’s chest pass was Franz Hanning, who is CEO of Wyndham Vacation Ownership.  He might be a d-bag, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to have a ref throw a ball at him–and get kicked out of the game.  Just imagine the outrage of a player or coach would have thrown the ball into the stands–ESPN would be virtually unwatchable this morning.


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