Former NBA baller Manute Bol fighting for his life

Bol is in critical condition after falling ill while fighting election corruption in his native Sudan. (Pic via

Few players have done more to better the human condition that Manute Bol.  Now, the 7-6 son of Sudanese tribal chief finds himself in desperate need of some well-deserved good karma.

Bol, 47, is currently hospitalized in Washington D.C. after falling ill on a flight returning to the United States from Sudan.  According to an report, he experienced total kidney failure and contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a condition that causes chunks of skin to fall off.

According to the report, Bol was unable to eat for 11 days because of severe pain.  He became ill after taking kidney medication while in Sudan, where had been working to end election corruption.

This incredibly sad story probably won’t make SportsCenter.

In an era when many athletes use the fame for more harm than good, Bol’s tireless work deserves respect and admiration.  He has donated almost all of his earnings from his fabled ten-year NBA career to charitable causes.  Bol founded the Ring True Foundation, devoted to protecting Christians in Sudan.  He has worked with numerous human rights organizations across the war-torn, impoverished, and unstable regions on the African continent.

Bol has survived a serious car accident and a painful battle with rheumatism.  There are plenty of people hoping he recovers from his latest misfortune, and plenty of reasons to believe that he will.


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