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ToTheTin is on hold–for the moment at least

If Ron Artest can win an NBA Title, then we can find time to maintain ToTheTin.

Our 15-20 faithful readers have noticed that posts have come to a complete halt in the last two weeks.  That’s because we’ve been busy.  I am currently beginning my tenure as a featured columnist for Bleacher Report.  This new endeavor has taken up most of my time in recent weeks, but as I become more comfortable in my new role, I intend to maintain ToTheTin.

In the meantime, you can read my articles on

When ToTheTin returns, it will have a different look.  We intend to continue to focus on basketball, but also to cultivate our coverage of all major sports.  The page layout will undergo a transformation and the content will be more focused.

Goodbye, farewell, and we’ll see you when the cows come home.


Programming note

Hello friends.  I’m back in California ready to look for jobs.  Instead of spending my ENTIRE day immersed in job search engines and looking for writing gigs on Craigslist, I’m planning to pop off some posts and hopefully bring the ToTheTin page views above the Mendoza line.  Some of our readers have requested that we write about other sports…mainly football.  I think it’s time to change it up.  The NBA season isn’t overly compelling at this point and College Basketball won’t start to get interesting for a couple weeks.

So let’s see what happens.  As always, stay tuned.

It’s the return of ToTheTin

We'll be alright if our return goes anything like Mike's.

It’s been a long, long, long time – but we’re back. Much has changed since July. I have returned to school, EVD has obtained his first grown-up job as a journalist, Shaq has gained about 80 pounds, and Tony Crocker has ditched those annoying long sleeves.

Although our time is severely limited, EVD and I plan to do our best to bring you the interesting, amusing, and opinionated coverage of the NBA & College Basketball. Anything to avoid writing a story about High School Swimming or a paper documenting the sexual undertones of Chaucer’s A Knight’s Tale.

We realize that by now we have almost certainly lost almost all of our readership, excluding my beautiful girlfriend and EVD’s lovely younger sister. With that in mind, things will be a bit different this time around. We will do less long-winded stories and do what we should have done before: GET TO THE POINT! Expect more videos because they tend to draw the most interest – and because it doesn’t take much effort to post them.

I will try to focus on College Basketball as the season begins to progress. Our March Madness coverage last year got a positive response in both page views and reader comments – aside from the guy who got pissed at me for confusing North Dakota with North Dakota State. Ben Woodside has used up his eligibility, so hopefully we won’t have a similar situation again next March.

So sit back, relax, and strap it down…

Stay tuned for much more tonight on TTT

EVD is pursuing “extracurricular activities” and I am off to play in the Sunnyvale Kickball playoffs, so we won’t have anything for you until this evening.

We’ll have more reaction to the Lakers-Nuggets series, reaction and highlights of Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals, and some additional videos, news, and notes.

I’m thinking about throwing the game so I’m able to catch Cavs-Magic live tonight.

Stay tuned.

Coming Monday on TTT

I had a busy weekend and have to work early Monday morning, but in the afternoon EVD and I will have thoughts on the Conference Finals, some player breakdowns, and other random musings, reflections, and video clips.

As always, please stay tuned.

Reaction to Lakers-Rockets Game 2 fireworks tomorrow on TTT

It’s late and I have to work at my real job early Thursday morning, so I’m going to bed. Stay tuned for reaction and news on the fallout from Wednesday’s Game 2, featuring five technicals, two ejections, a player getting kicked off the Rocket bench, and a mini-meltdown by Ron Artest.

It looks like the Lakers will even the series; Kobe already has 40 points with four minutes remaining and the Lake Show up 10.

As always, stay tuned.

TTT NCAA tournament coverage begins Monday


March Madness is finally here!  I’m so excited to cozy up in my spider hole and watch games for four days straight.

Tomorrow we’ll begin our coverage of the Big Dance with a look at the the East & West regions.  I’m not going to predict who will win, but I will give you some teams worth watching as you fill out your brackets.  We’ll also have some player breakdowns, features, and the first edition of the TTT all-tournament team, focusing on the skinniest players in the field of 65.

Get excited, and, as always, please stay tuned…