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Highlights of Lakers’ Game 1 win over Celtics

In case you missed it, here are the highlights of one of the longest NBA games I can remember.

The game started shortly after 6 PM Pacific and didn’t end until nearly 9 PM.  That’s just too long.


Jim Joyce deserves credit for admitting mistake

By now, everybody’s seen Jim Joyce’s blown call preventing Armando Galarraga from notching what would have been one of the most unlikely perfect games in the history of Major League Baseball. Here are Joyce’s incredible comments following Wednesday’s game:

Now that was something. Joyce took remorse took a whole new level with the profanity filled tirade aimed at himself. He sounded like a man who desperately needed a strong, strong drink.

He stood that and took it from reporters after the game, even though they were essentially asking him the same question over and over.  He got it wrong, but at the time, he genuinely thought Jason Donald beat Galarraga to the bag.  He made a mistake.

In an era when officials often seek to put themselves on a pedestal and refuse to admit missed calls, Joyce stepped up to the plate and admitted he screwed up.

Prior to Thursday’s series finale between the Indians and Tigers, Jim Leyland dispatched Galarraga to deliver the lineup card to Joyce, who was the home plate umpire.  A tearful Joyce jabbed Galarraga and received much-needed encouragement from his fellow umpires.

Joyce was not acting or embellishing his feelings.  He was simply showing how he felt about his mistake, drawing attention to himself for all the right reasons.

Take note, Cowboy Joe West.

This is Ron Artest’s game-winning layup

Ahh, the joys of Ron Ron.  Artest had an awful game, took a bad 3-pointer late in the game to help leave the door open for the Suns, but his second basket of the night lifted the Lakers to within one win of the NBA Finals.

Jason Richardson got caught watching the ball in the air and stopped playing.  He said after the game that he thought the ball would hit the rim, but that’s no excuse for not putting a body on somebody.

Thriller: Highlights of Lakers Suns Game 5

I was flying last night during  most of Game 5, although I did see the the highlights.

More on this game in a bit–after I watch the replay so I actually know what I am talking about.

Goran Dragic’s spinning layup against the Lakers

Dragic is crazy. I would love to know if he saw Lamar Odom waiting in the paint as he was spinning, or if he improvised at the last second.

Robin Lopez’s reaction on the Suns’ bench was absolutely priceless.

Highlights of the Suns Game 3 win over the Lakers

Finally, a fun playoff game to watch.  Both teams played with efficiency and effort throughout.  Here are the highlights:

The Lakers launched 32 3-pointers in Game 3, thanks primarily to the Suns’ zone defense.  That number will need to drop considerably in Game 4.

Highlights of Lakers Game 2 win over Suns

The Lakers pounded the Suns inside en route to a 124-112 win in Game 2.

More on this game in a bit.