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Jim Joyce deserves credit for admitting mistake

By now, everybody’s seen Jim Joyce’s blown call preventing Armando Galarraga from notching what would have been one of the most unlikely perfect games in the history of Major League Baseball. Here are Joyce’s incredible comments following Wednesday’s game:

Now that was something. Joyce took remorse took a whole new level with the profanity filled tirade aimed at himself. He sounded like a man who desperately needed a strong, strong drink.

He stood that and took it from reporters after the game, even though they were essentially asking him the same question over and over.  He got it wrong, but at the time, he genuinely thought Jason Donald beat Galarraga to the bag.  He made a mistake.

In an era when officials often seek to put themselves on a pedestal and refuse to admit missed calls, Joyce stepped up to the plate and admitted he screwed up.

Prior to Thursday’s series finale between the Indians and Tigers, Jim Leyland dispatched Galarraga to deliver the lineup card to Joyce, who was the home plate umpire.  A tearful Joyce jabbed Galarraga and received much-needed encouragement from his fellow umpires.

Joyce was not acting or embellishing his feelings.  He was simply showing how he felt about his mistake, drawing attention to himself for all the right reasons.

Take note, Cowboy Joe West.


Police investigating Louisville G Knowles following bizarre domestic dispute

Knowles could face charges after allegedly punching his girlfriend's stepfather. (Pic via

One of the strangest domestic disputes you will ever encounter has Louisville guard Preston Knowles in hot water.

According to WHAS-TV, Knowles was expected to be questioned by Bullitt County investigators Tuesday after allegedly punching his girlfriend’s stepfather.

The physical confrontation between Knowles and the alleged victim began the Louisville guard argued with his girlfriend over a hairbrush–seriously.

The exact nature of the argument is unknown, but it is beyond belief that a conflict over such a trivial item would lead to what could be categorized as misdemeanor assault.

As of early Wednesday, no charges have been filed as the investigation continues.

The Cardinals’ program has certainly seen happier days, with Rick Pitino’s extortion trial looming and the departure of Samardo Samuels to the NBA–or Europe.

Eddy Curry needs your money

Thanks in large part to an 85 percent interest rate, Curry now must repay over a million dollars on a loan--something he says he can't do. (Pic via

Eddy Curry’s NBA career has been filled with lucrative earnings and lackluster results. His latest non-basketball related headline is downright strange.

Based on information originally reported by the New York Daily News, Curry was recently sued by a Las Vegas company after failing to pay back even a single dollar on a $570,000 loan he took out in 2008. Curry obtained the loan in Vegas, which obviously isn’t exactly the best place in the world to borrow money. The loan was was given at 85% interest, meaning Curry now owes Allstar Capital more than one million dollars. And yes, apparently you can take out loans at 85% interest in Vegas–legally.


Curry has responded to the lawsuit by detailing all of the reasons he isn’t able to pay back the loan at this time. Some of the reasons are legit; he has had his wages garnished to help pay of a foreclosure on property in his native Chicago. He has also given away numerous assets to all sorts of people, including luxury cars to friends and relatives alike.

There are noble, yet stupid ways to blow your fortune and then there are just plain stupid ways to waste money.

Here are some of the stupid ways:

-$30,000 a month on so-called “household expenses”–think paper towels, toilet paper, and lots and lots of food.

-$6,000 dollars monthly on a personal chef. Not a bad deal for his personal chef, who is apparently trying to keep Curry happy and unhealthy. Anything to stay employed, right?

-$17,000 he reserves for his dependents. This isn’t a Shawn Kemp/Jason Caffey situation; Curry simply supports a ton of random people.

-$35,000 he is attempting to repay to Juwan Howard, who never played with Curry, is ten years older than Curry, yet for some reason loaned Curry money. There has to be an interesting story behind that.

-$425 owed for monthly satellite service–that doesn’t include internet.

-$650 owed for monthly cable TV service–that probably includes internet.

Sadly, Curry’s defense wasn’t good enough for the courts. He has been ordered to pay back the loan at $75,000 monthly and has had four cars seized.

How much you wanna bet he fails to make his payments?

Former NBA baller Manute Bol fighting for his life

Bol is in critical condition after falling ill while fighting election corruption in his native Sudan. (Pic via

Few players have done more to better the human condition that Manute Bol.  Now, the 7-6 son of Sudanese tribal chief finds himself in desperate need of some well-deserved good karma.

Bol, 47, is currently hospitalized in Washington D.C. after falling ill on a flight returning to the United States from Sudan.  According to an report, he experienced total kidney failure and contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a condition that causes chunks of skin to fall off.

According to the report, Bol was unable to eat for 11 days because of severe pain.  He became ill after taking kidney medication while in Sudan, where had been working to end election corruption.

This incredibly sad story probably won’t make SportsCenter.

In an era when many athletes use the fame for more harm than good, Bol’s tireless work deserves respect and admiration.  He has donated almost all of his earnings from his fabled ten-year NBA career to charitable causes.  Bol founded the Ring True Foundation, devoted to protecting Christians in Sudan.  He has worked with numerous human rights organizations across the war-torn, impoverished, and unstable regions on the African continent.

Bol has survived a serious car accident and a painful battle with rheumatism.  There are plenty of people hoping he recovers from his latest misfortune, and plenty of reasons to believe that he will.

May 18 update on Big Ten expansion

The great and powerful Jim Delany addressed the media Tuesday at the Big Ten coaches meetings in Chicago. (AP Photo/Pic via

Having already posted at least three articles with the theme of “no new news” on the Big Ten expansion front, it’s nice to report that there have finally been a few minor developments.

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany addressed the coaches and athletic directors at the annual Big Ten meetings in Chicago on Monday. Tuesday, he fielded questions from the media.

Delany reiterated that the original timetable for the expansion process–12-18 months–remains unchanged. He also said that the Big Ten won’t expand unless it finds an institution that meshes with the athletic and academic mission of the conference.

Among the more interesting nuggets to come out of Tuesday’s press conference was Delany’s comments regarding the possibility of Notre Dame joining the Big Ten.

Delany said that the conference has great respect for Notre Dame and its desire to remain independent. His comments suggest that the Big Ten got a “thanks but no thanks” response from the Irish.

Rumors abound regarding the Big Ten’s targeted institutions. Not surprisingly, Delany declined to name any of the candidates, but mentioned that the population shift to the southern states was one of the motivating factors for expansion. That doesn’t necessarily mean Texas, but adding a Big 12 school seems very likely. Rutgers and Syracuse remain attractive candidates to help market the Big Ten Network on the East Coast.

Multiple reports several weeks ago stated that the Big Ten Presidents/Chancellors would vote on expansion candidates at their annual meetings in June. Delany debunked those reports, stating that the process is far from over.

If you haven’t already, check out Adam Rittenberg’s Big Ten blog on I don’t have much love for ESPN, but Rittenberg does a great job covering the Big Ten expansion topic.

We’ll keep following this story, for months and months and months. The face of college sports will change, it’s only a matter of time.

Rays designate DH Burrell for assignment

Burrell struck out 28 times in just 84 at-bats this season with the Rays. (Pic via

Pat the Bat is looking for a new home after being designated for assignment by the Tampa Bay Rays late Friday.

Burrell, who signed a two-year, $16 million dollar deal with the Rays before the start of last season, hit a woefully pathetic .204 with two homers and 13 RBIs in limited playing time this season.

The Rays re-called Hank Blalock from Triple-A and could look to trade the former Texas Rangers star, who had a good spring and was hitting the ball well in the minors.

Blalock would be a good fit in Seattle as a replacement for one Ken Griffey Jr.

Burrell isn’t likely to find work, at least not right away. After a banner season in 2008, he hit just .221 with 14 homers and 64 RBIs in 2009. His inability to play the outfield makes him a designated hitter who can’t hit–not exactly an attractive commodity.

If a Major League team does sign Burrell, the Rays will be saddled with paying all but $400,000 of the remaining $9 million he is owed.

Meanwhile, Jermaine Dye remains on the market. Dye has reportedly drawn some interest, including from the Chicago White Sox, but apparently wants at least $3 million dollars to come out of semi-retirement.

Not gonna happen, J.D.

Ohio State’s Lighty breaks foot–again

Lighty is expected to miss at least three months, but should be ready to go by the start of next season. (Pic via

It already seems like David Lighty has been an Ohio State Buckeye for about eight years. It’s hard to believe he still has another year of eligibility remaining.

Lighty, a 6-5 guard who averaged 12.6 points and 4.5 rebounds last season for OSU, suffered a broken bone in his left foot and will undergo surgery, according to Thad Motta.

Lighty broke the same bone early in the 2008 campaign and sat out the rest of the season. He was granted a medical redshirt, which is why he is still playing for the Buckeyes after all these years.

The Cleveland native came to Ohio State as part of the “Thad Five” recruiting class, which also included Greg Oden and Mike Conley. He has been a solid role player for the Buckeyes and is a versatile talent.

Unlike many of his peers, Lighty opted not too test the NBA Draft waters to return for his senior season. Along with highly-touted incoming freshman Jared Sullinger, he figured to give the Buckeyes a formidable 1-2 punch.

Motta said Lighty is expected to make a full recovery, but history suggests that he might have problems with the foot for the remainder of his career.