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Kobe, Pau Gasol postgame Game 1 NBA Finals

A strange press conference featured Pau Gasol being asked about his relationship with Rafael Nadal and Kobe Bryant learning new words.


Highlights of Lakers’ Game 1 win over Celtics

In case you missed it, here are the highlights of one of the longest NBA games I can remember.

The game started shortly after 6 PM Pacific and didn’t end until nearly 9 PM.  That’s just too long.

Craig Sager postgame interview with Ron Artest

Nobody does better postgame interviews than TNT’s Craig Sager.  After interviewing Kobe Bryant following the Lakers’ Game 5 win Thursday, Sager caught up with the clinically insane Artest.  The goal: Get some sort of an explanation from Artest on why he took a 3-pointer with 22 seconds on the shot clock and the Lakers up with a minute remaining and the Lakers up by three.

The end of the interview was absolutely priceless. Artest:  “Say Queensbridge!” Sager: “Queensbridge, where they don’t play with a 24-second clock.”

Game 6 should be a blast.

This is Ron Artest’s game-winning layup

Ahh, the joys of Ron Ron.  Artest had an awful game, took a bad 3-pointer late in the game to help leave the door open for the Suns, but his second basket of the night lifted the Lakers to within one win of the NBA Finals.

Jason Richardson got caught watching the ball in the air and stopped playing.  He said after the game that he thought the ball would hit the rim, but that’s no excuse for not putting a body on somebody.

Thriller: Highlights of Lakers Suns Game 5

I was flying last night during  most of Game 5, although I did see the the highlights.

More on this game in a bit–after I watch the replay so I actually know what I am talking about.

Goran Dragic’s spinning layup against the Lakers

Dragic is crazy. I would love to know if he saw Lamar Odom waiting in the paint as he was spinning, or if he improvised at the last second.

Robin Lopez’s reaction on the Suns’ bench was absolutely priceless.

Highlights of Lakers-Suns Game 4

In case you missed it; I hope you didn’t.