This is Ron Artest’s game-winning layup

Ahh, the joys of Ron Ron.  Artest had an awful game, took a bad 3-pointer late in the game to help leave the door open for the Suns, but his second basket of the night lifted the Lakers to within one win of the NBA Finals.

Jason Richardson got caught watching the ball in the air and stopped playing.  He said after the game that he thought the ball would hit the rim, but that’s no excuse for not putting a body on somebody.


Thriller: Highlights of Lakers Suns Game 5

I was flying last night during  most of Game 5, although I did see the the highlights.

More on this game in a bit–after I watch the replay so I actually know what I am talking about.

Police investigating Louisville G Knowles following bizarre domestic dispute

Knowles could face charges after allegedly punching his girlfriend's stepfather. (Pic via

One of the strangest domestic disputes you will ever encounter has Louisville guard Preston Knowles in hot water.

According to WHAS-TV, Knowles was expected to be questioned by Bullitt County investigators Tuesday after allegedly punching his girlfriend’s stepfather.

The physical confrontation between Knowles and the alleged victim began the Louisville guard argued with his girlfriend over a hairbrush–seriously.

The exact nature of the argument is unknown, but it is beyond belief that a conflict over such a trivial item would lead to what could be categorized as misdemeanor assault.

As of early Wednesday, no charges have been filed as the investigation continues.

The Cardinals’ program has certainly seen happier days, with Rick Pitino’s extortion trial looming and the departure of Samardo Samuels to the NBA–or Europe.

Goran Dragic’s spinning layup against the Lakers

Dragic is crazy. I would love to know if he saw Lamar Odom waiting in the paint as he was spinning, or if he improvised at the last second.

Robin Lopez’s reaction on the Suns’ bench was absolutely priceless.

Suns’ bench makes it rain, shuts down Lakers in Game 4

Dragic and the Suns' bench took over early in the fourth quarter to propel the Suns to an impressive victory in Game 4. (Getty Images)

Channing Frye’s first shot, an open look from 3-point range, clanked off the rim Tuesday night.  But when he finally splashed in a 3 a few minutes later, the Phoenix Suns were off and running–literally.

Frye ended his series-long shooting slump with four 3-pointers–all of which came in the midst of Suns’ runs–and the dynamic Phoenix bench outscored the Lakers’ bench 54-20.

More importantly, the bench absolutely smothered the Lakers in the fourth quarter.

Kobe Bryant was brilliant in the third but appeared to tire in the fourth.  He struggled to get good looks against Jared Dudley and didn’t attempt to get to the basket.

Despite doing almost nothing in the first and second quarters, Kobe finished with 38 points on 15-of-22 shooting, including a playoff career-high six 3-point buckets.

Pau Gasol was nowhere to be found throughout the game, including in the fourth.  He scored 15 points and grabbed just five rebounds, and once again got schooled by Amar’e Stoudemire.

Stoudemire led Phoenix with 21 points.

Surprisingly, the Suns’ zone defense continued to baffle the Lakers.  L.A. launched 28 3-pointers and shot just 13 free throws in what was a fairly physical game.  By the fourth quarter, a passive 2-3 zone became a crowd-inspired aggressive 2-3 zone with man-to-man principles.

Momentum is a powerful thing.

The Lakers need to regroup.  They clearly can’t shut down the Suns, who have scored at least 112 points in three of the four games.  L.A. must attack the zone and must get the ball inside to Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom.

As amazing as Kobe has been in the series, he has settled for jump shots and hasn’t been getting to the free throw line.  Kobe and the Lakers know they can get any shot they want, but are content to shoot open shots from the perimeter.

This series has been very entertaining and well-played.  The Suns clearly have a something in Goran Dragic, who prior to the 2009 playoffs was best known for getting obliterated by Derrick Rose.  Dragic had eight points and eight assists in 18 minutes in Game 4, including a wonderful spinning layup in the fourth quarter.

Game 5 is Thursday night on TNT.

Highlights of Lakers-Suns Game 4

In case you missed it; I hope you didn’t.

Eddy Curry needs your money

Thanks in large part to an 85 percent interest rate, Curry now must repay over a million dollars on a loan--something he says he can't do. (Pic via

Eddy Curry’s NBA career has been filled with lucrative earnings and lackluster results. His latest non-basketball related headline is downright strange.

Based on information originally reported by the New York Daily News, Curry was recently sued by a Las Vegas company after failing to pay back even a single dollar on a $570,000 loan he took out in 2008. Curry obtained the loan in Vegas, which obviously isn’t exactly the best place in the world to borrow money. The loan was was given at 85% interest, meaning Curry now owes Allstar Capital more than one million dollars. And yes, apparently you can take out loans at 85% interest in Vegas–legally.


Curry has responded to the lawsuit by detailing all of the reasons he isn’t able to pay back the loan at this time. Some of the reasons are legit; he has had his wages garnished to help pay of a foreclosure on property in his native Chicago. He has also given away numerous assets to all sorts of people, including luxury cars to friends and relatives alike.

There are noble, yet stupid ways to blow your fortune and then there are just plain stupid ways to waste money.

Here are some of the stupid ways:

-$30,000 a month on so-called “household expenses”–think paper towels, toilet paper, and lots and lots of food.

-$6,000 dollars monthly on a personal chef. Not a bad deal for his personal chef, who is apparently trying to keep Curry happy and unhealthy. Anything to stay employed, right?

-$17,000 he reserves for his dependents. This isn’t a Shawn Kemp/Jason Caffey situation; Curry simply supports a ton of random people.

-$35,000 he is attempting to repay to Juwan Howard, who never played with Curry, is ten years older than Curry, yet for some reason loaned Curry money. There has to be an interesting story behind that.

-$425 owed for monthly satellite service–that doesn’t include internet.

-$650 owed for monthly cable TV service–that probably includes internet.

Sadly, Curry’s defense wasn’t good enough for the courts. He has been ordered to pay back the loan at $75,000 monthly and has had four cars seized.

How much you wanna bet he fails to make his payments?