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Tinsley waived: Pacers roster now filled with good people and bad players

Bird has gotten rid of all the bad seeds in Indiana but left the Pacers with little talent in the process.

Bird has rid the Pacers of bad seeds, leaving the cupboard bare in the process.

Larry Bird’s rebuilding job aimed at reversing the Pacers’ public image is finally complete with the news that the team has finally waived disgruntled guard Jamaal Tinsley. Now, it appears Bird will soon have another rebuilding job on his hands.

Thanks primarily to Tinsley and Stephen Jackson, the Pacers’ public image took a hit in the years following the “basketbrawl” in 2004.

Tinsley was involved in three off-court incidents between 2006 & 2007, including a bar fight that resulted in a felony charge of intimidation, misdemeanor battery charges, and a disorderly conduct charge.

The Pacers told Tinsley not to report prior to last season and entertained a few trade offers before banishing him to the island of misfit point guards for the entire season.

Pacers fans should applaud Larry Bird’s efforts to clean up Donnie Walsh’s mess, but a glance at the team’s roster suggests there won’t be much to cheer for on the court next season.

Everything revolves around rising star Danny Granger. The All-Star averaged 25.8 ppg last season while playing in 67 games. After that, it’s pretty much a disaster.

The core features Troy Murphy, T.J. Ford, and Brandon Rush. Mike Dunleavy is expected to play, but nagging knee problems could end his career at any point.

The rest of the roster includes Tyler Hansbrough, Dahntay Jones, Earl Watson, Josh McRoberts, A.J. Price, Travis Diener, and Roy Hibbert. Jeff Foster is a free agent and could return to provide another big man.

The Pacers have assembled what is without doubt the least talented roster in the NBA. Jim O’Brien will have to work miracles to keep his team from finishing with the worst record in the league next season.

It looks like it’s time to wait until next, next year.


Does Rajon Rondo have the ugliest shot in the NBA?

Rondo displayes his ugly-ass form and even uglier tattoo. (Pic via Boston Globe)

Rondo displayes his ugly-ass form and even uglier tattoo. (Pic via Boston Globe)

In a word – yes.

Rondo’s teammate Tony Allen, Bulls C Joakim Noah, Thunder G Earl Watson, and of course Shaq and Ben Wallace are in the conversation for the NBA’s worst-looking shot.

But Rondo’s jumper is a glaring weakness in his otherwise terrific all-around game.

A sequence in the third quarter of Game 3 between Boston and Orlando offered a display of Rondo’s lack of jump shooting ability:

First, he misses a free throw badly. He then is dared to shoot from the wing after dribbling for about six seconds, and misses. Two possessions later, he has a wide-open 3-pointer from the top of the key, but passes up the shot and drives into the lane, flipps a wild pass to Ray Allen, who is forced to take a difficult jumper as the shot clock expires.

Rondo brings the ball very close to his head before he releases it, and then shoots off to the side of his body. To make matters worse, his elbow often flies out when he shoots.

If Rondo consistently made jump shots, his horrible form wouldn’t be a problem.  But since he arguably the worst-shooting point guard in the NBA, it would be a good idea to watch some film and fix that bizarre release.

At some point Rondo will need to learn how to shoot in order to take his game to the next level.  He won’t always be playing alongside three future Hall of Famers.

Massive TTT Special: Trades that Should Happen but Probably Never Will (Part 3)

New York Knicks – The Knicks are trying to move F/C David Lee even though he has been very consistent amid

How long will Lee hang on in New York?

How long will Lee hang on in New York?

the turmoil of the past two seasons. Lee is third in the NBA in double-doubles, and plays with great effort and energy. Portland is rumored to be offering Sergio Rodriguez and Martell Webster to the Knicks to acquire Lee, who amazingly has never asked out of New York. And then there is Stephon Marbury. It isn’t likely that the Knicks would actually be able to trade Steph, but they probably will end up buying out his contract. Quentin Richardson and Jared Jeffries will be shown the door soon, but probably not until after the season.

Oklahoma City Thunder – The Thunder have been playing better as of late but they would not hesitate to move veterans including Chris Wilcox, Earl Watson, Desmond Mason, and Nick Collison.

Orlando Magic – One of the more surprising teams in the NBA, the Magic have a horrible bench and will be looking to add depth. However, I don’t expect Orlando to make any moves.

Philadelphia 76ers – The Sixers are struggling and could look to clean house after the season, with Andre Miller and Samuel Dalembert being the primary focus of the fire-sale. Reggie Evans and Kareem Rush could be moved prior to the trading deadline, but don’t expect any major moves.

Phoenix Suns – After acquiring J-Rich from Charlotte, the Suns figure to be done making moves this season. There is a slight chance that Leandro Barbosa could be moved. Barbosa has struggled in Terry Porter’s more traditional offense and is essentially a backup point guard now. He makes 12 million per year and could fit in better elsewhere; like in New York.

Portland Trail Blazers – Aside from the Webster-Rodriguez for Lee deal, Portland seems to be content. The Blazers are still probably a couple of years away and might need to make moves after the season, especially if LaMarcus Aldridge and Greg Oden don’t take the next step to NBA stardom.

Sacramento Kings – The Kings are an interesting team. I expect Bobby Jackson to be moved, but Brad Miller and Beno Udrih could help many NBA teams. The Kings gave Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia way too much money and would be advised to start dumping contracts if possible.

San Antonio Spurs – The Spurs have three great players and Roger Mason Jr. and not much else, but that might be just enough to compete in the Western Conference. Don’t expect any activity by the Spurs.

Toronto Raptors – The Raptors could look to unload Anthony Parker or Jason Kapono, but they seem to be content with a roster that has underachieved dramatically this year.

Utah Jazz – Carlos Boozer will be traded eventually, but probably not until after the season. The Jazz need to move his salary to clear playing time and cap room for the sensational Paul Millsap.

Washington Wizards – Gilbert Arenas should be traded after the season, but the Wizards ownership loves Hibachi so that probably won’t happen. The Wiz already dealt Antonio Daniels and could look to move his replacement Mike James as well as veteran forward Darius Songolia.

Massive TTT Special: Trades that Should Happen but Probably Never Will (Part 1)

Unlike Major League Baseball, the NBA rarely has a great deal of activity prior to the trading deadline, but this year could be different. Many contending teams, especially the Boston Celtics and the New Orleans Hornets, need to make moves to bolster depth…TTT presents a breakdown of trade possibilities involving all 30 NBA teams. This is part one. Let’s get started…

Atlanta Hawks – The Hawks have a solid starting five but lack depth. Without many cards to deal, the Hawks will likely stand pat for this season. But with attendance on the increase, don’t rule out a move to acquire some depth, especially at center or point guard. Chris Wilcox and Earl Watson of the woeful Thunder would be good additions.

Boston Celtics-An injury to Rajon Rando or Paul Pierce would be a complete disaster given the C’s current roster, so something needs to happen. Last week ESPN reported that GM Danny Ainge has expressed interest in acquiring Stephon Marbury from the island of misfit point guards. Kevin Garnett despises Marbury and it will be interesting to see this story continue to develop. The Celtics might not need Starbury, but they certainly need some help in the backcourt with Eddie House and Tony Allen currently being the two best options of the bench.

Will Steph and KG be reunited again in Boston?

Will Steph and KG be reunited in Boston? (EV - Cripes, KG is dark)

Charlotte Bobcats – The Bobcats got rid of Jason Richardson to acquire Boris Diaw and Raja Bell in December, and seem determined to move Raymond Felton. The proposed deal sending Felton to the Warriors for Brandon Wright seems to be dead, but Larry Stalin Brown will probably force a deal before seasons end. The Bobcats would love to move Adam Morrison and possibly Gerald Wallace as well. Morrison has no value whatsoever and Wallace has a big contract, so don’t count on a deal happening.

Chicago Bulls – The Bulls are a total mess. Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Andres Nocioni, and Ben Gordon are probably on the block, but there are few takers. Nocioni could help the Celtics and the Spurs, and Gordon is a dynamic scorer who would help the Knicks. Hughes loves shooting and is not very good at it so he will be difficult to move. Nocioni also loves shooting and is no longer interested in playing with the hustle and defensive intensity that helped him break into the NBA, but should be moved sometime soon. Drew Gooden is in the final year of his contract and could help Atlanta, New Orleans, or Denver.

Cleveland Cavaliers – The Cavs don’t need to do much, but could use a big man with Big Z sidelined for up to four weeks. J.J. Hickson should be untouchable, but Sasha Pavlovic could be moved. He has been getting minutes recently even though he sucks, so the Cavs could be trying to showcase him. Good luck with that.

Dallas Mavericks – Josh Howard must be moved. He seems to have lost his mind since last summer, and also seems to have lost desire to do anything besides shoot. The Mavs are at a crossroads, and would be advised to part with Jason Kidd and Howard and look towards the future.

Denver Nuggets – The Nuggs look to be in pretty good shape after acquiring Chauncey Billups from Detroit earlier this season. With few chips to dangle, don’t expect Denver to be very active prior to the trading deadline.

Detroit Pistons – The Pistons have been playing well lately so they may be hesitant to make moves. A number of attractive young players could be moved to acquire a veteran big man to help out the aging Rasheed Wallace, including Aaron Afflalo, Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell. Detroit would also like to move Tayshaun Prince, but that probably won’t happen.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of 3 in Elliott Pohnl’s trade extravaganza.